So I got my ass kicked by reality in June.

I looked at goals I set for the year and although, I have done a bunch of things I planned out, there’s a longer list that I haven't done yet.

How am I possibly going to do everything on here?

Should I not have thought that big to start with?

Are my planning skills that bad?

Mid-year crisis was in effect.

I decided to pull out a new note in Evernote and journal it out. Long form journaling usually gets me out of a funk pretty reliably. While journaling, I remembered a great idea from a good friend of mine Jordan Gray that helped me through this funk:

This is how I make sure I stay on top of things for the next quarter. I put my important goals/targets on my iPhone lock screen.

Why quarter? Because if you’re thinking big, a year or even six months is going to feel too overwhelming. Three months is a great time frame for measured, consistent progress and review.

How often you see your goals will be linked to how much you work on them. Whatever you put on your lock screen will get MASSIVE exposure so make sure you use your phone lock screen to work for you.


*By the way, if any Android user wants to send over the instructions for how you would do it in Android, we’re happy to share it with the rest of the folks here and give you credit for it*

Step 1 - Enter the native iOS Notes App. Enter the title as Goals for 2016, Q [enter quarter number].

Step 2 - In descending order of priority, enter one goal per line. This is important because you’ll see the most important goal the most often. You’ll want to arrange the text so it’s visible around the time on the lock screen. Don’t stress over this as you’ll get a few times to get it right.

Step 3 - Take a screenshot of the note (Home + Sleep/Wake button).

Step 4 - Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose New Wallpaper, choose the picture, tap Set > Set as Lock Screen.

Now if you lock your phone, you’ll see that you’ve successfully set the lock screen although the time blocks some of your goals. No worries.

Repeat Steps 2-4 until you’ve got a lock screen that clearly displays your Goals for Q3.

Congratulations! you’ve done it.

What are your goals for the year? Share in the comments. 

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UJ Ramdas

I love practical psychology. I love business. I’m a lifelong learner. I create my life around these things.


  • At the risk of poo-hooing a helpful tip, this seems to be the only article/piece on how to integrate technology with the productivity planner. Not that this is a bad idea per se, but it is rather…minimalistic. I would love to see a more detailed approach to using both ical and the productivity planner together (and/or something like omnifocus 2).


  • Great method. I think its much easier on android ( Someone will have to check that) But Thanks . I just used the method for my list on iphone now. ( Although it now may piss off my wife who’s photo got replaced :P )


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