Practicing gratitude as a couple

If you feel like your relationship is going through a rough patch, or you’d simply like to further strengthen your bond, improve communication, and implement a positive change, consider starting a new healthy habit–practicing gratitude as a couple.
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Good News of the Week

A 7-year-old-boy makes his life all about positive energy and opens a huge food pantry; Kevin Hart hosted MDA Telethon and raised $10.5 million; and other positive news of the week.

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10 Benefits of Gratitude

Imagine waking up and falling asleep with positive thoughts every single day. Sounds awesome, right? In this article, we explain and share the science-backed benefits of gratitude.

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Morning Routine

Morning Routine to Boost Productivity

We’ve prepared a list of productivity morning routine tips to help you get the best out of the brightest part of the day.

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