Mobile Application Support

Five Minute Journal Cost

The Five Minute Journal application is a one time payment of $4.99 USD or $6.99 CAD. You can download the iOS app here:

How do I Delete my Account?

If you  wish to delete your Five Minute Journal account, you can do so by logging into the application. From here, you must select the profile icon in the top left corner, select your email address and from that menu you will find the option to "Delete My Account". Please be advised once you choose to delete your account, all of your entries and account information will be permanently deleted from our server and will not to able to be recovered.

We appreciate any feedback you wish to share if you'd like to tell us why you deleted your account. Please contact us at as we want to ensure and provide a seamless and positive experience for our application users.

iPad Compatibility

The iOS Five Minute Journal application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, at this time it is not specifically formatted for iPad. We are working on an iPad compatible version for the future. In the meantime, Intelligent Change recommends using the application on your iPhone until we have released specific iPad formatting.

Switching Devices

If you wish to switch devices, we are delighted to share that you will be able to login using the same username and password credentials on your Android or iPhone device. When you proceed to download the Five Minute Journal application, you may be requested to provide payment. In this case, please contact and we will be happy to provide you with a download code to avoid payment. In order to do so, please provide proof of purchase for the Google Play Store or Apple Store application via a screenshot.

If you are in the midst of switching devices, please note you will not lose any of your data, as it is all stored on our server. By logging in with your user ID, your previous journal entries will appear and thus will be available and updated across multiple devices. You may also save a copy using the 'Export' function, to ensure you have a backup copy of your own.

*Please note, we have incorporated this sign up/log in option for our new app released in 2016, which has a grey and white logo. With our older version of the application (the logo will be blue/white), users reported lost entries when they changed their device or deleted the app to download our upgraded version (the logo will be grey/white). If you are using this older version, your entries are stored on your phone only, without a login system, and will therefore be lost on a different device or if you delete your app. As such, please keep your old app and export entries before deleting it.

If you wish to backup your entries, please follow the steps outlined here. Select the profile icon at the top left hand side of the home screen, from there select Export to PDF. From this menu, it will give you the option to select how many entries, and where you would like to back them up to. If your device continues to crash during exportation, you may be attempting to export a date field larger than the application can accept. In order to continue, please select a shorter data range before exporting your entries to PDF.

Application Notifications

If you are experiencing difficulty with your notifications, please follow these steps:  

    1. Go to your General Phone Settings and Select Notifications
    2. From Notifications, select Journal, and turn on “Allow Notifications”
    3. Proceed to General Phone Settings, and scroll down to view all Apps on your phone
    4. Select the Journal, then Notifications, and turn on “Allow Notifications”
    5. Lastly, open the Five Minute Journal app and select your profile icon in the top left corner then select “Preferences”
    6. In the Preferences menu, you will see the options to switch on and off “Morning and Evening Notifications”

If these steps are unable to resolve your case, kindly contact and we will be happy to help you further.

Field Entry Limits

At this time, each field entry on the Five Minute Journal application is limited to 255 characters. If you are unable to insert 255 characters into all of your fields, please uninstall and reinstall your application to resolve and keep me updated on the results.

Privacy Policy

All user entries are stored on our application server, in order for users to access their previous entries via their account login. Users have the ability to access their entries regardless of the device they are using due to the convenience of the login credential system.

Developers are unable to access personal data or journal entries of all accounts stored on our servers, unless the user presents their email address, account creation date and number of entries on their account.

Access to personal data may be given to developers in cases where it is necessary in order to troubleshoot an account specific issue. In these situations, access is given for a limited period. For example, if a user requests that our developers search the database for their account as they cannot remember the email address they used, developers will search using the email address provided and confirm that an account does or does not exist with that email. The only top level information our developers can see in this type of scenario is account creation date, and number of entries.

For more details, please read more on our privacy policy here:

Refund Request

If you are unhappy with your Five Minute Journal Application purchase, you may request a refund directly through the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Please note we are unable to fulfill any refunds for the application, as we have no access to these platforms to view order and payment details. With that being said, please follow the instructions below:

To receive a refund via the Apple Store, please follow these steps:

    1. Launch iTunes on either your Mac or Windows PC.
    2. Click on your name at the top and in the dropdown select Account Info.
    3. Type in your password when prompted in order to proceed.
    4. Click on See All under your Purchase History.
    5. Click on the arrow next to the purchase batch that contains the purchase you'd like a refund for.
    6. Click on Report a Problem next to the single purchase you'd like a refund for.
    7. You will be routed to Apple's website. Just follow the steps after signing in and request the Refund option and explain why.

To receive a refund via the Android Store, please follow these steps:

    1. Open the Google Play Store app.
    2. Tap on the Menu icon and choose My Account.
    3. Select the app or game you want to return.
    4. Tap on Refund.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to get your money back and uninstall the app or game.