Capture Ideas.
Keep Commitments. Anywhere you go.

The 2-pack pocket notebook system.

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My Commitment 2-Pack

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My Commitment is a pocket notebook with a simple structure to take action on things you commit to combined with the freedom of notes pages for capturing ideas. It's small. It's quick. It'll turn your to-do items into clear next steps, helping you improve following through on your word to others and yourself, anywhere you go. Includes 2-My Commitment pocket notebooks per order.

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Keep Commitments. Capture Ideas. Anywhere you go.

How My Commitment Works

• Your accountability partner: How many commitments have you made only to forget later? How many to-dos have you written down with no clear next steps? My Commitment's simple structure makes your commitments, goals, and to-dos clear and actionable.

• A place to capture ideas that spring to mind throughout the day: My Commitment includes graph paper note pages for capturing ideas, additional room for your commitments, or doodling. Never agonize over forgetting that genius idea you had ever again! 

My Commitment Layout

Structure for keeping commitments. Freedom for notes.

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

The math is simple: making a commitment + unclear next steps on how to achieve said commitment + the imperfect memory most of us have = forgotten goals and lost causes. Researchers at the British Journal of Health have shown the act of creating a simple implementation plan significantly boosts the odds that you will take action and follow through on your word.
  • 2-Notebooks Per Pack
  • 66 total commitments per notebook
  • Graph paper note pages throughout
  • Thick 100GSM FSC certified paper

How to Win Friends and Influence People

“As Warren Buffett said, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." There's always a million reasons to compromise your integrity. Meanwhile trust in others and yourself erodes one broken commitment at a time. One of the most important jobs we have is to keep promises to ourselves; to follow through and build a relationship of trust. Who do you want to become? What is the value of your word?”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's inside My Commitment / how many pages?

    My Commitment contains 56 pages - 22 commitment pages (66 total commitments per notebook), 18 Blank Graph Paper Notes Pages, Full Page Quote Pages, and Brief Introduction. You get two My Commitment Notebooks per order. 



  • What is the cover made of?

    My Commitment's cover is made of 350gsm Dark Blue Card, FSC Certified Recycled, with white foil stamping on front and back. It is durable enough to fit and conform to pockets.
  • What retail stores can I find My Commitment in?

    My Commitment is currently exclusively for sale on our website. Want to start carrying My Commitment in your store? Get in touch at 

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This slim little book fits anywhere and is full of pages for remembering. Multi-purpose. Gave one to a friend.

Great Tool!

I have always made commitments in my mind but seldom make a follow through. In the few short weeks I have had the tool I have definitely been more diligent in making things happen! It stays right with my Productivity Planner so I see it daily!

Very handy!!

I love the My Commitment booklet! If you are looking for a way to get your ideas, thoughts and appointments out of your head, this is the product for you. It not only gives you a place to jot down things as they pop into your head, but it forces you to hold yourself accountable by assiging a due date and next step. Fits nicely into a planner or pants pocket as well.


My Commitment 2-Pack


I bought 3 packages of two, so all of us, my husband, 4 working daughters and I, can each have one.

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