Productivity Planner and Mindful Focus Bundle

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Stop procrastinating and start prioritizing and using your time wisely with this Productivity Planner and Mindful Focus hourglass, the perfect duo to get the most
important tasks done and feel accomplished. By using the Productivity Planner daily and working in 30-minute intervals using the Focus Time technique, you will achieve great things in your life and work. Consistently.

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“This planner has been helping me get things done and focusing on the most important things, which I have a tendency to put off since they are the hardest. Great format and easy to use!

Carol M.

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Productivity Planner & Mindful Focus

Get better at managing your time wisely

productivity planner and mindful focus

Get in flow with Productivity Planner and Mindful Focus.

By setting yourself a maximum of five tasks a day, completing the most important first, and working on only one at a time with the help of the Focus Time technique, you will be able to finish the projects you have been procrastinating over, tackle difficult tasks with clarity, and maximise your productivity.

Mindful Focus hourglass was specifically created to help you work in Focus Time sessions: 30-minute periods where you concentrate on a single task. At the end of the session you take a five-minute break before beginning another session. Breaking the day up in this way allows you to focus your energy mindfully on specific tasks to really give them your all.

Productivity Planner and Mindful Focus Bundle

Each productive day at a glance.

Take an inside look at how you can make every week and day a productive one.

Productivity Planner Breakdown
Productivity Planner Breakdown
Productivity Planner Breakdown

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