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Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal

$22.95 USD

The Five Minute Journal is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life, become more mindful, and live with intention. With a simple structured format based on positive psychology research, you will start and end each day with gratitude. Side effects may include: increased happiness, better relationships, and becoming more optimistic. You’ve been warned.

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Focuses you on the positive no matter how tough life gets.

Life can get busy where you find yourself neglecting things important to you...like your own daily happiness! The Five Minute Journal fills you up with appreciation, it changes how you feel, and therefore the results you will create, good times and bad.

The journal that WORKS

The Five Minute Journal was designed for those who have trouble sticking to a commitment and have started & stopped journals before. With a simple 5-minute guided format, you’ll create a daily empowering habit that actually sticks.

Helps you set purposeful intention each day.

With The Five Minute Journal, each day you’ll focus on the tiny steps towards making your dreams a reality. Start making every day a great day!

A game-changing daily habit to
become better every day.

The Research

The Five Minute Journal is created with leading positive psychology research. The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley—in collaboration with the University of California, Davis—launched a multi-year project expanding the science and practice of gratitude. Here is what they found:

  • Stronger Immune Systems & Lower Blood Pressure
  • Higher Levels Of Positive Emotion
  • More Joy, Optimism & Happiness
  • Acting With More Generosity & Compassion
  • Feeling Less Lonely & Isolated
Five Minute Journal

Get Your Own Five Minute Journal

How will your journal change your life for the better?

$22.95 USD
In Stock & Shipping
USA3–5 Business Days
Canada3-10 Business Days
Europe2-10 Business Days
world10-25 Business Days
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10+ Journals? Click Here
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Grow. Get grateful. Start focusing on the good.

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