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Productivity Planner

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Do you often find yourself busy, while more important tasks get procrastinated on? The Productivity Planner helps you prioritize and accomplish the vital few tasks that make your day satisfying. Quality over quantity. Combined with the Pomodoro Technique to help you avoid distractions, the Productivity Planner assists you to get better work done in less time. 

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Productivity Planner

Helps you focus on the important

Achieve more by doing less

• Accomplish what’s important, not busywork: The Productivity Planner focuses you on less tasks per day, the most important tasks that move you closer to your goals, dreams, and big wins.

• Helps you avoid distractions: You’ll work in shorter, more focused bursts called Pomodoros that will make sure you are not diluting your energy or worse, wasting your time.

• Weekly Planning + Reflection: At the start of each week, the Productivity Planner helps you plan your week for success. At the end of each day and week you will reflect on how effective you were, helping you learn your patterns, and improve for tomorrow.  

Watch the video to learn more how the Productivity Planner works.

The Daily Planner Layout

A structured format to get you focused on quality tasks over quantity.

Built from Proven Productivity Principles

The Productivity Planner combines completing your Most Important First (The Ivy Lee method that made Charles Schwab millions) with the Pomodoro Technique to stay focused on your task at hand. Goals research from Dominican university has shown, those who write their goals down are more likely to follow through.
  • Undated - 6 Months of Planning
  • Prioritized Task List
  • Focused Time Tracking
  • Weekly Planning + Review
  • Extra Space for Notes

Recommended by

“The Productivity Planner changes the way I work because it gives me the opportunity to come in, push everything aside, and focus on what I need to get done that day. That little extra awareness of how I am working throughout the day has been great.”

Dan Demsky

Dan Demsky

Entrepreneur, Unbound Merino

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What retail stores can I find The Five Minute Journal / Productivity Planner in?

    THE FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL Retail Locations


  • How long does the Productivity Planner last for / what is inside?

    There are 5 daily pages per week, and 23 weeks. A total of 115 daily pages + weekly planning + weekly reviews. It is created for 6 months of planning.

    The planner does not include a calendar, but has weekly planning and weekly review pages. Each daily page also includes room for notes. 

    The Productivity Planner's main purpose is to help you accomplish your most important tasks of the week, not just another to-do list that is neatly organized :) 

  • How long does shipping take?

    Via standard shipping: 
    • USA: 3–5 Business Days
    • Canada: 3–10 Business Days
    • Europe: 2–10 Business Days
    • World: 10–25 Business Days
  • Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

    We offer 25% off the retail price ($22.95 USD for Five Minute Journal and $24.95 USD for Productivity Planner) for orders over 10 units and 35% off for orders over 60 units (available in multiples of 60).

    For the Five Minute Journal, you can find two forms for bulk orders: one for a 25% discount for orders of 10+ journals and one for a 35% discount for orders of 60+ journals.

    Similarly, for the Productivity Planner, you can find two forms for bulk orders: one for a 25% discount for orders of 10+ planners and one for a 35% discount for orders of 60+ planners.

  • What is the Productivity Planner made of?

    The Productivity Planner cover is a composite material that feels leather like, but is not leather, nor has animal products been used in the materials. If you are familiar with a moleskine journal, it feels a bit like that, but with more texture to it. 

    The inside is made of FSC Certified Paper; it is recyclable but not made out of 100% recycled paper. We are currently working to have all of our products made out of 100% recycled paper. :)


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Customer Reviews

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Kleine K. Kleine

I really love this planner. It has immensely helped me with my time management, with juggling a full time and a part time job + taking a 6-month online course. It has helped me stay on top of things and has minimized that overwhelming feeling of having too much to do and not enough time.

I didn't give it 5 starts because I think there are a few improvements that could be made:
- 7 day planner as opposed to a 5 day/week planner...a lot of us work 7 days a week =)
- another ribbon to bookmark the overall tasks for the week to be able to quickly flip back to it
- blank calendar so could keep note of deadlines that I'd need to plan for
- would love colour options for the cover (not necessary, but would be great to offer a few more selection)

Overall, really well designed and thought out

Tester T. Tester
This is not a review

I just wonder if negative reviews are also posted live! The fact that you see you does not mean it was posted live though, could've been approved later! I'll add a comment if it was live!

Tester T. Tester
Apparently reviews are posted live, but ..!

Negative reviews jump right to the end of the existing reviews..! Doubtful practice! Let's see how long till this comment gets deleted! ))

David Iskander D.I. David I.
Love LOVE LOVEEE! this Journal

I first thought the entire thing could be a cool idea but too difficult to maintain. then, when I started using it, it was so simple! I love it. I now feel lost without. It helps keep me focused and on track with my required tasks. It helps me align with what is important for the day/week not what is at the top of my mind. I'm able to plan my day the night before and get productive on it! thanks Intelligent Change Team - absolutely love it! I know understand why you have a subscription option.

Rainy L. R.L. Rainy L.
A great way to get organized and be more productive.

This planner has been a game changer for me. I am much more organized and productive now that I have begun using it. The book itself is well made, the pages are high quality paper and the instructions in the beginning of the book are clear. I received an added bonus of PDF instructions that were emailed to me.

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