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Finally–beat procrastination and get more done in less time! Try the Productivity Planner's Focus Time technique and an updated 90-day, 2-page layout which features a monthly calendar, additional space for notes, a daily schedule, and a habit tracker. Lasts 3 months.

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New Productivity Planner is an elegant solution to the time versus productivity conundrum. The updated 90-day layout gives you enough space to plan your months and weeks; features a 7-day planning system with a daily schedule; provides a full-page of notes to write down everything important; and helps you balance productivity and mindful living with daily self-growth prompts, habit and mood trackers. Start planning life your way.

  • Undated 3-month daily and weekly planner
  • Includes a habit and mood tracker
  • Includes undated monthly calendar
  • 7-day planning format with daily schedule
  • Built-in prioritization and time tracking framework
  • A5: 5.8 inches x 8.3 inches / 148 mm x 210 mm
  • 100% natural cotton cover fabric
  • 100% biodegradable, recyclable, FSC™ paper
  • 2x 100% natural cotton ribbons
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Productivity Planner® - Be More Productive | Intelligent Change

Each productive day at a glance.

Take an inside look at how you can make every day a productive one.

1. Schedule of your day

2. Daily planning with time-tracking system

3. Self-growth prompts for reflection

4. Habit tracker

5. Mood tracker

6. Daily productivity score

7. Daily quote for inspiration

8. Space for notes

Inspiring quotes and inspired customer stories.

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productivity planner

3 principles of Productivity Planner:

1. Important work over busy work. Prioritize tasks that will ultimately lead to your most important goals.

2. Actions, not distractions. Meet the Focus Time method: work for 30 minutes followed by a five-minute break.

3. Always plan to improve. At the beginning of each week, plan for success, and then reflect on the results and refine your work patterns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the new version of The Productivity Planner differ from the previous version?

    We updated and improved the design of the Productivity Planner to better meet your needs.


    The new format of the planner includes the following features:

    • The 90-day planning system that lasts for 3 months;
    • The planner has an undated monthly calendar;
    • The planner has a habit tracker, 1 for each month;
    • Daily planning has a 2-page layout: it features daily schedule from 6am to 9.30 pm; morning and reflection self-growth prompts; mood and productivity trackers; and a full-page of notes.



  • What is the difference between Quarterly and Productivity Planners?

    Quarterly Planner is a planning system for 3 months, it has a dedicated goal setting section for the quarter, as well as review at the end. You set the theme, plan your goals, choose your focus areas. It’s the best tool for keeping track of the progress of your goals. It has the feature of how many days are left in the quarter as an extra accountability tool. 

    Productivity Planner is a simpler version for regular planning. It doesn’t have goal setting section and any review sections at the end. It’s the tool for daily planning with undated monthly calendar, weekly planning, and weekly review. 


    Same daily planning layout that features:

    • inspiring quotes
    • self-growth prompts,
    • daily schedule,
    • mood and productivity tracker,
    • a whole page of notes.

    Both Quarterly Planner and Productivity Planner have undated monthly calendar, habit tracker for 3 months, and introduction that explains Intelligent Change approach to planning.

  • What is inside The Productivity Planner?

    There are 7-day planning pages, plus monthly and weekly planning, and a weekly review. The planner is created for 3 months.

    Each daily planning spread includes:

    • an inspiring quote,
    • a day of the week,
    • daily schedule from 6am to 9.30 pm,
    • a space to write down important tasks of the day and  time tracking,
    • a room for notes,
    • morning and evening reflection prompts,
    • habit and mood trackers,
    • a productivity score.

    The Productivity Planner's main purpose is to help you accomplish your most important tasks, thus its structure is not just another to-do list that is neatly organized, it is the whole planning system with built-in prioritization frame and time-tracking.

  • How long does The Productivity Planner last for?

    It is created for 3 months of planning.

  • What is The Focus Time technique?

    The Focus Time technique is one of the simplest time-management methods that could change your life completely – it allows you to work uninterruptedly on a task in 30-minute increments and then have a mindful five-minute break. 

    We created The Focus Time technique to give you more flexibility to pause the timer when those unavoidable distractions occur, deal with the issue, then re-start the timer and re-focus on your chosen task.

    Read this article from our blog to discover how to make The Focus Time technique work for you.
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