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In the forth episode of The Intelligent Change Podcast, our founder sits down with Arizona Muse, a successful model, keen activist for sustainability, and founder of Dirt Charity—an independent charitable organisation working toward regenerating soils that have been degraded by conventional agriculture and mining.

dence, finding your inner activist, and how each one of us can leverage our spendiArizona Muse talks about confing power to support sustainable businesses.

In this article, we share steps for finding your inner activist and working towards positive change on the issues that ignite a fire in your heart.

Step 1: Identify the issues that ignite a fire in your heart

“We all have a part of ourselves who is desperate to speak up for something that we believe in” says Arizona Muse. In other words, we all have an activist within ourselves. Whether it’s social justice, environmental concerns, human rights or even something affecting your local community, you have the opportunity to create a positive change in the world—and, most importantly, in yourself.

As you identify the cause that you are most passionate about and start working towards making a positive impact, remember, even the smallest actions can lead to significant change.

Step 2: Educate yourself

Educate yourself about your chosen topic through reading, documentaries, and engaging with diverse perspectives. Connect with like-minded individuals through local communities, online forums, or social media platforms to share ideas and learn about each other’s unique experiences.

Understanding the complexities and nuances of the issues at hand lays the foundation for impactful and informed advocacy and can help you articulate your cause effectively.

Step 3: Change the things that you can control

When thinking about starting to work towards making a positive change on the issues that you care about, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Making small changes on things that you have control over can be a simple yet powerful way of beginning your journey into activism.

“One of the easiest things to start with is to look at where you spend your money. When you buy something, you put your money into a business who made something that you needed—that’s a huge opportunity for activism. No matter how small the amount of money that you’re spending is, you still get to choose where you put it, and you still get to make a difference.”

Step 4: Avoid polarised thinking

Activists are not just those that shout and demonstrate. The power of activism lies in its inclusivity, as it welcomes all types of individuals who are passionate about driving positive change.

“The best kind of activist is the one that keeps their really normal job and creates change within the businesses that they work for” explains Arizona Muse. “That’s the activism that we need” she adds, “it’s not a solution for everyone to just stop what they’re doing in life, walk out and do something different.”

To hear more from Arizona Muse, listen to The Intelligent Change Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The Intelligent Change Podcast brings you experiences of leading entrepreneurs, change makers, and innovators. Every Wednesday, join our founders as they discuss living with purpose, relationships, entrepreneurship, well-being, and much more.

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