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We have sought out numerous self-improvement products over the years. Most were either too complex, highly questionable, or downright ugly.

We just wanted simple tools that helped us live a more fulfilling life and carry on with our day; not 100 step plans and systems to manage our systems.

Thus, we aimed to take researched and historically proven self-improvement advice and distill it into beautifully designed tools that would be easy and quick to implement on a sustainable, daily basis.

Our first product was The Five Minute Journal which condensed complex and often long journaling practices into a daily 5-minute format. Based on positive psychology research, the journal helps boost happiness, create space for reflection, and appreciate life more.

Our second product was the Productivity Planner which distilled proven productivity principles into a simple daily format that focuses on accomplishing the vital few tasks that make your day (and life) satisfying vs the endless busywork that clogs up days.

We light up every time someone tells us how much better their relationships are after using The Five Minute Journal, or how they finally got over procrastination after using the Productivity Planner. Stories like these remind us why we do what we do.

If you have a hunger to change your life, we can help. Read reviews from our customers here.

The Story


Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

The Five Minute Journal

After a long walk by Intelligent Change co-founders Alex and UJ, an idea was born. Could they distill UJ’s 30-minute journaling practice into a simple, quick journal to help people become happier, have space for reflection, and appreciate life more? After many late nights, and revisions, The Five Minute Journal would see the light of day in June 2013. Shortly after, 4 Hour Work Week & Tools of Titans author, Tim Ferriss, became a fan and helped spread the word, launching a Five Minute Journal movement.


Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

The Productivity Planner

After trying out numerous productivity advice, systems, and apps, we became more organized, but not more productive. Busy, but not accomplished. Thus, we aimed to take productivity principles that stood the test of time and create a simple, effective daily planning format. What resulted was the Productivity Planner which combined Ivy Lee's prioritized to-list (which netted Charles Schwab millions) with the Pomodoro Technique to avoid distractions and manage time better. The Productivity Planner launched on Kickstarter in November 2015, receiving 12x it’s original funding goal.


Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

The Five Minute Journal App

Building The Five Minute Journal app was a great learning experience for us. Although it took a couple attempts (we pulled the first app we built from the App Store), we are so proud of the app that thousands of people are currently using. Our iOS app hit #1 on the App Store in Lifestyle and was featured as Starbucks app pick of the week and our Android release later followed. Finally, those who preferred digital could take The Five Minute Journal on the go.

2017 - Beyond

From products to a movement

More than 300,000 people have started and ended their day with The Five Minute Journal. That's 300,000 people who have started their day focusing on the positive and setting intention for the day. And thousands more accomplishing their daily goals with the Productivity Planner. We could not be more grateful! Profits make Intelligent Change possible, but we live for the stories of change. The stories of changing from being cynics to optimists. The stories of finally beating procrastination and working on projects that matter. That’s why we do this. We are only just beginning.

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