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Perhaps like us you’ve read, watched, and listened to numerous self-improvement advice and were left wondering, “Ok, what do I do now? How do I actually apply all this advice?”

Recognizing the gap between theory and practice, we take leading psychology research and real-world tested self-improvement advice and distill it into beautifully designed tools to help us take action and make lasting positive change.

We believe through intelligent planning and focused effort, the sky's the limit.

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The Five Minute Journal condenses hundreds of positive psychology articles, books, and research into a structured process of 5 daily questions that focus your attention on gratitude, setting direction for making your day great, and reflecting on good things that happen throughout your day. (customer reviews)



Productivity Planner combines the Ivy Lee Method (a proven process for achieving peak productivity) into a daily planner that combines distraction free time-management with completing a prioritized task list to make actual progress on your goals versus the endless busywork of emails, meetings, and distractions that often eat up your day and leave you feeling unaccomplished. (customer reviews)



The Five Minute Journal for Kids is the perfect journal to inspire daily reflection and help children develop a positive attitude, in just 5 minutes a day. Based on the best-selling Five Minute Journal, it uses daily guided questions to help kids focus on the good in life. It’s the perfect first journal to learn, grow, and preserve positive memories for years to come. (customer reviews)

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