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Five Minute Journal
Shannon S. Shannon
My 7yr old daughter and I both love the Five minute journal

This is an amazing idea and I love waking up everyday starting with a positive way and then ending my day on reflecting on the good things! My 7year old daughter loved the idea too and she wanted to start it herself so we shared my journal and it's so cute to watch her reflect on her days and what she thinks will make her days great and what where the amazing things to happen to her! Now I have to order one for me and my daughter!!! Love it

Productivity Planner
Kleine K. Kleine

I really love this planner. It has immensely helped me with my time management, with juggling a full time and a part time job + taking a 6-month online course. It has helped me stay on top of things and has minimized that overwhelming feeling of having too much to do and not enough time.

I didn't give it 5 starts because I think there are a few improvements that could be made:
- 7 day planner as opposed to a 5 day/week planner...a lot of us work 7 days a week =)
- another ribbon to bookmark the overall tasks for the week to be able to quickly flip back to it
- blank calendar so could keep note of deadlines that I'd need to plan for
- would love colour options for the cover (not necessary, but would be great to offer a few more selection)

Overall, really well designed and thought out

Productivity Planner
Tester T. Tester
This is not a review

I just wonder if negative reviews are also posted live! The fact that you see you does not mean it was posted live though, could've been approved later! I'll add a comment if it was live!

Productivity Planner
Tester T. Tester
Apparently reviews are posted live, but ..!

Negative reviews jump right to the end of the existing reviews..! Doubtful practice! Let's see how long till this comment gets deleted! ))

Five Minute Journal
Amy Kovarick Musson A.K.M. Amy Kovarick M.
I'm STILL using it!

I'm a leadership coach but often have trouble sticking with my own personal growth process/tools. I'm using the 5 Minute Journal every day, it's making the difference, and I'm able to sustain the change. Brilliant!

Productivity Planner
David Iskander D.I. David I.
Love LOVE LOVEEE! this Journal

I first thought the entire thing could be a cool idea but too difficult to maintain. then, when I started using it, it was so simple! I love it. I now feel lost without. It helps keep me focused and on track with my required tasks. It helps me align with what is important for the day/week not what is at the top of my mind. I'm able to plan my day the night before and get productive on it! thanks Intelligent Change Team - absolutely love it! I know understand why you have a subscription option.

Five Minute Journal
Tess T. Tess
Excellent Customer Service

I recently ordered two of The Minute Journal books and paid for overnight shipping to get them on time. I received an email a few days later that the package was received but nothing ever came to my door. I emailed the company and was immediately taken care of by Tricia who asked for my order number and resent the two Journals. Great response time and customer service. Love the Journal so far.

Five Minute Journal
Heather H. Heather
Oh Joyful Rain!

Yesterday, I missed my bus home from work on a rainy London evening. I missed it by 3 seconds so I was left standing in the rain without my umbrella and I thought to myself "I am so thankful for the opportunity to live in this city". What?! How did that happen? Stranded in the rain and joyful - how does that equate? The Five minute journal is to blame! I love it so much, I featured it in my vlog, Be More Awesome in Five Minutes or Less:

Five Minute Journal
Marc J. M.J. Marc J.
I have recently started using the 5MJ and it has created a major difference in my daily routine.

I have always been an advocate for journaling, but the 5MJ's layout works well with my melancholy personality.

Starting the day with positivity allows me to conquer the day and build my capacity to tackle and hit any curve balls out of the park that are thrown at me. I have been practicing the "hammer approach" for a week and my belief increases each day that I put pen to paper.

Ending the day with positivity gives me the opportunity to declutter my mind and reminds me to make the main things the main things.

The question, 'How could I have made today better?' reminds me that growth is an ongoing process and that tomorrow is a new opportunity to become a better version of myself.

Most importantly, my wife is also using the 5MJ and we have implemented weekly meetings that are based on our journal entries. As a result, our relationship and commmunication has been elevated to another level.

You and the rest of the Intelligent Change team are difference makers!

Thank you creating a great journal.

Five Minute Journal
Maya Henry M.H. Maya H.
I give these out like candy!

I bulk order these journals to give out to my clients and use as a tool in my coaching practice. I work with busy moms and having something structured they can use daily to practice gratitude is a game-changer. Seriously. And of course, I use mine every day myself. What I love is in the morning practice when I choose 3 things that would make my day amazing it reaffirms to me that I have the power to create the day I want. That I have the power to actually make those things happen. I love being so intentional!

Five Minute Journal
Carla Ann C.A. Carla A.
Awesome Motivator!

What I appreciate most about this clever journal, is how quickly it can turn my mood around! As someone who has always found it difficult to get going in the morning, even after sleeping in, I used to not have any other methods of motivation…until the Five Minute Journal! I’ve been using the journal for almost a year now, and it’s boosted my mood significantly in the morning. Jotting down what I’m grateful for every day creates a sense of happiness. Jotting down what would make today great creates a sense of motivation that I carry with me all throughout the day.

At the end of the day, filling out what made the day amazing helps me appreciate all I did during the day, even if it was something small. It helped me realize that no task is insignificant!

Even cooler, I fill out the journal every morning and evening with my boyfriend. When we’re finished writing, we enthusiastically share with each other. By doing that, we’re not only giving each other an emotional boost, but we’re also holding each other accountable for the tasks we set out to accomplish.

All in all, I highly recommend this journal! It’s for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Pick it up, get grateful, and get productive! The power is yours.

Five Minute Journal
Kris J. Simpson K.J.S. Kris J. S.
What a Game Changer

Im an exited, jump from project to project (and call it multi-tasking) kind of entrepreneur. The Productivity Planer has allowed me to focus on what really matters first and leave the long and never-ending to do list secondary. I can plan out an entire week and always know what I need to focus on each morning. I'm getting my most important and meaningful life legacy projects completed like I've never been able to accomplish before. Thanks for sharing this geniius creation. KJ :)

Five Minute Journal
Rachel R. Rachel
Favourite journal

I've tried a few journal styles and have been keeping a gratitude journal for over a year now and this journal is easily my favourite I've used. It's evident that a lot of thought has gone into this; from the quality of the paper and the way the book is bound, down to the weekly challenges and layout of the content. This journal makes it super easy to start your mornings in the most positive way and will definitely have an impact on your day to day happiness. Highly recommend! Would also make a lovely gift idea.

Five Minute Journal
angiepang a. angiepang
Absolutely awesome

What better way to spend 5 minutes than to think about all the great things happening in your life. The 5 minute journal is a game changer and not only did I love it, but I recommended it to a bunch of my friends as well.

Productivity Planner
Rainy L. R.L. Rainy L.
A great way to get organized and be more productive.

This planner has been a game changer for me. I am much more organized and productive now that I have begun using it. The book itself is well made, the pages are high quality paper and the instructions in the beginning of the book are clear. I received an added bonus of PDF instructions that were emailed to me.

Five Minute Journal
mkral m. mkral
It's a great concept & really has helped to focus my thinking ...

I'll give this 4 stars. It's a great concept & really has helped to focus my thinking for the day. It's simple & easy to fill out & really does take about 5 minutes. It's only been about a week, but I've had no trouble completing the journal every day. So it's a great book & I'll continue to buy/use them going forward.

The two items that caused me to knock off a star are:
1. The price. $23 for a 6 month journal is pretty expensive and it seems like they could sell it for quite a bit less. But hey, it's a business & I get they need to make money.
2. It's a thick hardcover book with nowhere to clip a pen. I would love it if they made this as a paperback, made the cover thinner, of added some kind of loop to hold a pen. The cover is so thick that you can't clip a writing utensil anywhere to it, which I find inconvenient.

All in all, it's been a great purchase for me & I feel that it would be for others who would like to get more focus/clarity into their lives, but find that they are not good at maintaining a traditional daily journal.

Five Minute Journal
spicezoe s. spicezoe
Life Changing!

This is my second Five Minute Journal and I can only say great things about it. I've been filling it in for nearly a year, using the app as a filler when I travel, and it helps you to take the smallest things for granted... one time I chose bike locks as one of my gratitude items - a BIKE LOCK! But seriously, who can't appreciate a good bike lock when it keeps your bike safe?

The journal quality is awesome, it's a nicely bound book too, opening fully to allow you to write comfortably, with pages that are thick enough so your writing doesn't pull through from the previous day. I also use their Productivity Planner so I like that they are a set. The quotes are great and there are weekly challenges, though I rarely do those so all in all, it's an inspiring use of your dollars and I can only say buy it - and be prepared for life to be more awesome!

Productivity Planner
Mary K Clapp M.K.C. Mary K C.
Great planner for folks with very flexible schedules

I love the productivity scheme they suggest here and I think it would be most useful for people with large projects or work goals and a very flexible schedule (entrepreneurs, graduate students post-classes, artists/makers) who would benefit from a way to prioritize their tasks, break them down into manageable chunks, and keep structure. Those who already have very structured workdays or lots of concrete tasks and deadlines may find it more difficult to use the "focus on the most important task first thing in the morning and don't stop until it's over" scheme of the planner.

Design is very nice, good portable size. Paper is nice but a little thin, maybe wouldn't work with felt or fountain pens.

Five Minute Journal
Randa Zogheib R.Z. Randa Z.
Can't stick to a journal? Try this one! Bonus: It will make you a more positive person!

I am guilty of having collected dozens of journals and notebooks throughout my life, with the same results every time: excitedly writing in them for a few days (or a few weeks if I'm lucky) and then slowly forgetting about them- mostly due to the amount of time and energy it takes to keep one up.

If you're like me- this is the perfect answer! It truly takes 5 minutes to fill out the section and it is difficult to find an excuse NOT to do it each day.

After giving up for years, I was prompted by the book "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod (a great book!) to take up journaling/scribing and found this wonderful journal.

A few things I love about this journal:
1) The through explanation of the science behind the carefully chosen daily prompts
2) The excellent quotes at the top of each day- they are carefully selected and truly motivational
3) The way it is clearly divided into a morning and an evening section
4) The beautiful cover- it feels like linen/cloth and it looks high quality and expensive

The best thing about this journal is that if you follow it the way it is intended- filling it out upon waking and before going to bed everyday- it will re-center you and provide balance and positivity to your life.

Productivity Planner
Redmond R. Redmond
Free yourself of endless to-do lists. It's doing it for me.

I heard about this planner from an open-to-new-ideas business consultant who helps big organizations. He had second-hand heard good things of this planner and suggested I check out the planner website.

I was skeptical as it seemed too simple; but I was looking for something on the easy-to-have in hand or nearby, and not on my phone where I always get distracted.

What you physically get is an elegant hardback journal-style book, with an attached cloth band and another page marker ribbon also attached. It fits easily in a small space on your desk or nightstand, or slips into a laptop bag without having to cram it.

I only intended to look at the intro the first night I had it. But in an effortlesss 45 minutes the intro pulled me in, giving the how to and why -that's all there is beside weekly and daily entries - and was prioritizing my first tomorrow.

The secret sauce of the book is these introduction/how-to pages. They are a light, airy and an accessible guide that you can easily reference. While there are a few things to fill in, there are no questionnaires or worksheets. These pages quickly ground you on how to pick the right priority in clear managable first actions: in 25 minute bites at a time. Then it simply walks you up to and over a threshold; and you're doing a few of those things you've avoided the next morning.

Not sure this is for everyone, but if you're one who puts too many things on a list and avoids the hard ones, give it a try. Within a few minutes you'll winnow things down to the essentials. You can only write a handful of priorities to do each day. And in my case, that freed me to do what was truly rewarding.

I am a believer. It was the best $25 I've spent in a long time. I've already sent it to a few others. Each time it was delivered faster than the shipping choice I picked. And Intelligent Change sent a full PDF of the how-to/intro in advance. It's like they trust you with the full recipe in advance. These guys are committed to providing...

Productivity Planner
T. L. T.L. T. L.
Best paper planner I've used, significantly increases my daily productivity!

I love this planner. I have worked with many digital and paper planners and this is my favorite by far. I bought a couple for some of my team members and they love it. I am about done using my first one and have just purchased a few more so we don't find ourselves without it. it is an integral part of my day. Really helps me focus and plan out my week and stay in top of what is critical.

Five Minute Journal
Jenny J. Jenny
Game Changer

I have always been one of those people that had good intentions when starting a task, and then got lazy, forgot, etc. I wrote in a gratitude journal for over 4 months and then one day, just decided no more. It was becoming a running tally of my events for the day, not a true reflection of things I was actually grateful. This book has changed all of that for me.

I am writing down real goals for myself, and being grateful for different things every day. Sometimes, they are more broad and all encompassing "being grateful for the love and affection of family and friends", or simply "grateful for coffee in the morning". I have found my confidence being boosted from the daily affirmations, and am making huge strides in changing my attitude towards life's daily frustrations (bad drivers, laundry room hogs, irritating co-workers). Most of the time now, I don't even notice it anymore. Or I can laugh it off, be more patient, or just move onto something else.

The change in my relationships is astounding. Whether they notice or not, I don't know yet. But I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude, love, and affection for everyone in my life. It's an amazing feeling, to know how loved and cherished you are, by so many different people. I only hope that I can keep growing and developing, so these important people always know exactly how truly incredible they are to me.

Thank you for creating this amazing book!

Five Minute Journal
Joe B. J.B. Joe B.
As a Father of 3 Kids (under the age of 6)...

As a father of 3 children under the age of a small business a full time a a human, this journal is exactly what I needed. I started the journal and the daily practice of writing in it about 3 weeks ago, and IT IS WORKING!

I've found myself to be much more patient around my kids, more focused at work, and just generally happier in life.

I write about what I'm grateful for, and the person that I want to be, and how I could have been better, and it's literally takes 5 minutes.

I've tried the practice of journaling before, and although I've had every intention of keeping up with it, I inevitably fall short. This journal however is different. It's guided, and it focuses on the key areas of our lives that we should be thinking about if we want to maximize our experiences and live our life to the fullest.

The guided areas of writing are based on research in the field of positive psychology, and although I may not be able to tell you what sort of dopamine, serotonin, and other hormones that are being unleashed in my brain as I write, I can say that it is making a notable difference in how I see the world, what I choose to focus on, and most importantly how I talk and react to my children.

Productivity Planner
Eric G. E.G. Eric G.
Awesome! It is even way better than excepted

Awesome ! It is even way better than expected. I use already your 5 minutes Journal since 18 months which is also awesome. Your Productivity Planner bring me me even more motivation and a super efficient help to focus only on the very important task which will make my day. And it works :-) All the text and explanation for the "how" and "why" at the beginning of the guide bring a huge value to it.