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Happy costumer

Lovely planners, prompt delivery. Bought for my daughter, will ask her to review.


Five Minute Journal


Five Minute Journal

Game Changer

Since starting on my Five-Minute Journal in October, it’s helped me to slow things down and think about what I feeling, what’s important to me and why.

This journal helps me slow things down and be mindful

I'm an intense person who makes things move fast. I tend to have a million things flying over all the time. This journal helps me slow things down twice a day, and I can reflect about the day ahead of me (in the morning) and the day behind me (in the evening), track the important things, and move on.

There's a lot of value in punctuating the days like that so that I can keep mindful throughout the crazy things happening every day.

I've just finished my first journal and immediately purchased a new one so I wouldn't lose this great habit.


Five Minute Journal

Beat Journal Everr!

Can’t believe I haven’t missed a day of journaling since i started using 5 minutes journal. It’s so simple and powerful. My wife and I love it.


Five Minute Journal

Just Fabulous

Is it weird to get excited about small things? The best thing about this journal is that it really makes you think. In thinking, it brings the positivity to the forefront and this becomes the focus. I'm sure we aren't wired to naturally think positively, and I can feel this little journal is already starting to work it's magic.
Thank you xx


Five Minute Journal


Five Minute Journal


Great book, great service, now just to get down to doing the work

Five stars!

So good makes me jealous I didn’t create it! Summary of everything what good greatful was should be. It’s not cheap but so worth every penny! LOVE IT!!!


Five Minute Journal


Productivity Planner

great experience

Had a lovely customer experience from this company thankyou

Journals for Team

5-minute journal has made a difference in my life so I bought one for each of my team memebers looking forward to seeing their progress & focus.

I've tried so many different ways to get organised and this one seems to be the one...

I'm not a naturally organised person and I've tried loads of different things to help me get organised. And I've tried putting the best bits of those other things together to try and come up with a system that works... and I've never stuck with any of them. Until now. This Productivity Planner uses strategies from different methods of getting organised and does it in a really simple way, in one place, and I've been so much more organised in my work -by a very long way. I think that after years of trying out different things, this is the one that I will stick to because it really works.

I can't afford to spend a lot of money on something like this, but my guess is that I had paid for it within a couple of days of starting to use it. I have never found a way to be as little distracted as I currently am. And it goes really well with the Five Minute Journal (although I've never struggled in the least to be grateful) -by saying what would make today really great (in the Five Minute Planner), I then move onto the Productivity Journal to fill in and it helps me structure my day in such a way that the thing that would make today really great is much easier to achieve. For someone working from home (as an author, which can be a solitary activity at times where you rely on not being distracted), this is just wonderful. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you!

Five Stars so far!

It's only been a couple of weeks but I already feel like this is a completely integral part of my day. For me, it goes alongside the Productivity Planner and together they've instantly got me into very much better habits. I'm naturally a happy person and I do feel grateful for lots of things, but it's really good to identify what would really make today great -because writing it down makes it more likely that I'll structure my day to make it happen. I'm also checking it out to see whether it would be useful with students I work with who are still in primary school, and I think it would. Very pleased indeed and will definitely be getting more. Thank you.

Most gifted book

Can recommend it to everyone. Already used three planners and the time in between is always less productive. Gifted it to three people who are all using it on a daily basis.


Best little journal ever. I have already gotten it for my two best friends and boyfriend. Let's spread the positivity one journal at a time :)

Worth 4 x the price!

I love love love this planner! The follow up emails have been such a blessing!!! I'll never be without a productivity planner! Thank you Intelligent Change for one product that propelled my home based business by leaps!

Bringing productivity to the next level

As a GTD trainer i am always looking for tools to implement, well is the number one tool!

Loving it!

I'm loving this journal! I've noticed a change in my mindset and worldview. The focus on gratitude, intentions, and positive daily review has made a great impact on my life. Thank you!

Amazing will not be looking back!

This is a great kick start into the world of journaling and self reflection. Inspiration provided on every page! Quick, easy and effective.

I love the 5 Minute Journal!

The Five Minute Journal has been an easy habit to create since it is in an easy to follow format! I love focusing on what would make my day great! I see it helping me with focusing on gratitude plus making new healthy habits!

This is the BEST investment ever!!!

I absolutely love this planner. It brings reality to life and helps me realize what patterns I need to change to actually stay accomplish! This planner is genious !!!!

Awesome Book! God send!

I left my job a couple of weeks ago and I encountered five minutes journal through Mimi and Alex who are my major inspirations in my life. I am about to become a freelance makeup artist and so far I’m ver grateful for the book and Ikon fam for the great book also whoever is behind this book- I’m very thankful. It gets my work done physically and mentally. Really a big

It really is only 5 minutes

I am impressed with quality of materials used to make the book and the content shared in the book. Explaining the "Why" for each element of the 5 minutes helped my seal the deal on my commitment to do this everyday

Thankful for this journal

Love the structure yet can make your own easily.


Five Minute Journal

I love it!

Such a great way to start and end my days. The Five-minute journal made me realize how special every single day is. I am so grateful I found this, I LOVE IT!!!

Productivity Planner

Simply amazing. I just completed my first two weeks using the product and am so pleased I have been recommending it to friends. Keep up the great work.

Very helpful!

Helps me keep my focus on the relevant tasks, I'm much more productive than ever before. Thanks!!

Can’t live without it!

I’ve already gone through my first Productivity Planner and this was my second purchase. It works wonders once you get used to the Pomodoro technique!


I didn't realize how bad I was at time management and prioritizing my responsibilities until I got this planner. Total game-changer.




I can’t wait to implement the planner to keep me on track!

Awesome Focus

Intelligent Change has definitely helped me and my team stay on track of really important tasks. We purchased 3 Productivity Planners and our mornings have changed tremendously. Now everyone has a plan to accomplish their most important tasks during the day. No more confusion or second thoughts. This product will help anyone that gets it. GET IT NOW!!!!

Great Planner

I’ve been using for a week so far. Currently, I’m trying to knock out some old tasks, so that I can get to new goals required in my new role and personal goals that I plan to achieve.


I just started journaling and I like that this is guided! I don’t think that it’s drastically changed my habits but I am definitely more mindful!


Took a long time to get it. Order took about 2 weeks for me to finally receive. Ordered 2 things on the same day got one really fast and the second one took an additional 1.5 weeks to come in.

The gift

Dear Mimi and Alex, when I first purchased your productivity planner, I was ecstatic. It was everything I thought it would, and it helped me more than just keep my task in order. I have gifted this planner a hand full of times now, with hopes that someone else will benefit from this productivity planner the way I have. I have not been able to get around to purchasing the 5 Minute Journal, but I cannot wait until I do!

Five minute journal.

It’s a simple, enjoyable practice that is supporting positive change and elevation of my life.


Five Minute Journal

The beginning of a love affair

I can already see how much this little book will fit perfectly into my life. Being a typical Virgo, I love organisation, perfection, and planning! I also love to physically write; it's not enough to have apps or notes on my phone, it feels good to write things down and makes me feel more accountable, because you can't just press the 'delete' button; it's staring right at you in your own writing!
I can see this planner and I will be having a wonderful affair. I also just ordered the Five Minute Journal & My Commitment; I'm bringing good things my way with the correct tools.

Awesome product, shitty delivering

Although of course the delivering is not your fault, but GLS', I really do think you should get someone else to work with you, because the way they behaved was absolutely riddiculous and I am furious just thinking about it.
The product itself, though - is lovely and most helpful. And I deeply thank you for it.


Five Minute Journal


I love the journal and the productivity planner. They are so pretty and laid out just perfectly. I like looking at it each morning and evening, which helps me stay on top of it. The regular emails from you are a bonus. I love the articles and videos you find and share.