premium notebook - Intelligent Change

Premium bespoke paper used in our notebooks is manufactured from 100% recycled, FSC certified stock and sourced from a sustainable, carbon neutral Gmund Paper Factory that has been operating since the 19th century.

 premium notebook
 pen to paper - Intelligent Change

Writing by hand is the best way to reconnect with yourself, find focus, generate ideas, and remember special moments. It boosts mindfulness, sparks creativity, and deepens thinking. With every word and sketch, you fill blank pages with value.

 pen to paper
occasion cards - Intelligent Change

Each card set has been meticulously crafted in the letterpress studio in England, UK and lovingly handprinted on an original letterpress machine using premium quality paper made from 100% Post Consumer Waste card stock and environmentally-friendly inks.

occasion cards
 essential notebook - Intelligent Change

A blank notebook for intelligent plans, daily notes, creative musings, and free journaling. Make a to-do list, write a poem, jot down your thoughts. Every blank page has potential. It’s yours to fill and unleash.

 essential notebook
 premium notebook - Intelligent Change

We sourced our paper from a sustainable and progressive German mill, Gmund Paper Factory, that processes renewable raw materials into quality paper with an ecological mindset and authentic paper expertise.

 premium notebook

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Bespoke Premium Paper?

    For our notebooks, we used custom-made premium paper that matches our signature cream color that accentuates every word you write and has a buttery smooth texture for the ultimate writing experience.
  • What Paper is Used in Notebooks?

    Inner pages of Essential and Premium Notebooks are made of premium and sustainable paper from a local German mill. Bespoke paper used in the notebooks is manufactured from 100% recycled, FSC certified stock, sourced from sustainable, carbon neutral Gmund Paper Factory that has been operating since the 19th century. 

    We sourced our bespoke paper from progressive and innovative Gmund Paper Factory that process renewable raw materials into quality paper with an ecological mindset and authentic paper expertise.

  • What Is the Difference Between Premium and Essential Notebooks?

    Premium Notebook has a cotton hardcover, 192 ruled pages, and features an expandable inner pocket, two cotton ribbons to keep track of different projects, and daily meticulously-selected inspirational quotes at the bottom of every page.

    Essential Notebook is, well, essential. It features soft cover, 144 ruled pages (without quotes), and has two content pages: perfect for dividing your notebook as you see fit and then finding the right page every time you need it.
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        1. Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

          10+ Journals or Planners? Save 20% Applied automatically at checkout or use code save-20

          40+ Journals or Planners? Save 30% Applied automatically at checkout or use code save-30

          If you are interested in ordering 320+ journals/planners get in touch here.

        2. How does your 6 month back guarantee work?


          We believe in a better tomorrow, a more productive and happier you. We create tools for the lifelong learners and doers because you are changing the world every day. 

          We designed these tools with proven principles of positive psychology and daily accountability. This is why we are offering a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee: if you do not feel Intelligent Change products have shaped a better attitude towards productivity and happiness, simply email and we can organize the return of your full journal or planner and issue a refund.

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