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In the journey of life, the concept of becoming a warrior is not about engaging in battlefields but about facing personal challenges with courage, resilience, and grace. The true essence of a warrior lies in the strength to confront our inner fears, the commitment to personal growth, and the bravery to stand up for what is right and true. It is within this spirit that We Are Warriors community emerged.

The inspiration behind starting We Are Warriors appeared during the pandemic, when everyone was isolated. Alexis Ren wanted to nurture a sense of belonging for young women, and help inspire them to remain healthy even while indoors. She started a ten day workout challenge that thousands of girls joined. The community was so inspiring that she brought on her sister, Allie Michelle, to help foster a wellness mentorship community for young women.

Growing up, the two sisters were heavily influenced by Alexis’s mom who was a health nutritionist. After her death, her legacy became that of a warrior’s–someone who takes radical accountability for their health, creative expression, and fingerprint on the world. We Are Warriors community and the new Becoming a Warrior Journal is their way of honoring her, and passing down the wisdom she gifted them to all women.

We dive deep into an enlightening conversation with Alexis Ren and Allie Michelle to understand the heart and soul poured into this journal, uncovering the essence of what it means to be a warrior in today's world.

Veronica: How would you describe the philosophy and purpose of the Becoming a Warrior Journal?
Alexis and Allie: To be a warrior is to find strength within our own spirit. To wage the inner battle inside that asks us to overcome ourselves again and again. We are defined only by the limitations that we set for ourselves. A warrior harnesses their inner strength, cultivates resilience, and develops a deep understanding of who they are and what they value.

Veronica: We Are Warriors community offers a comprehensive approach to emotional well-being. How does the journal incorporate mental health practices, and why was this important to you?
Alexis and Allie: Becoming a Warrior Journal is the cultivation of four years of journal prompts and workshops that we have hosted. Allie has studied various wellness practices over the years from craniosacral therapy, breathwork, meditation, yoga and more. Both of us incorporated our passion for health and education into one journal that creates a safe space for the reader to explore their subconscious.

Veronica: Becoming a Warrior Journal is created by women, for women. How do you believe the journal will empower its female users, and what aspects of it specifically resonate with women's experiences and challenges in today's society?
Alexis and Allie: Becoming a Warrior is a journal that creates a safe space for women to explore who they wish to be in the world.

"In a world that often pigeon holes us into being one thing, we wish to support those who embrace a little bit of everything in them. There is little education given to women in how to operate in their power while maintaining their feminine expression."

We want to demystify building a business, financial literacy, health, finding success as an artist–ultimately supporting women in whatever path they choose. This isn’t just a journal, but a community that has been nurtured for so many years. We aren’t meant to do everything alone. We hope this community supports each woman in fanning the flame of their unique spark.

Becoming a Warrior with Alexis Ren & Allie Michelle

Veronica: This is so empowering. Can you share a personal habit or practice you've included in the journal that has significantly impacted your own life?
Alexis and Allie: Writing has been the biggest practice. To journal is to be an archaeologist of the subconscious.

"If we are able to be glaringly honest with ourselves, no matter how “ugly” or “dark” we deem our emotions and beliefs, then we actually take our power back and it becomes beautiful. We are ruled by what remains buried in us."

This journal offers a supportive space for people to shine light with love on the hidden corners of their soul.

Veronica: What advice would you give to someone starting their journey with the Becoming a Warrior Journal to make the most out of it?
Alexis and Allie: Go at your own pace, take what resonates, and leave the rest. You don’t have to go in chronological order. If something jumps out at you, trust that and dive in. We usually find that what we resist most holds the most power for us on the other side. If you find yourself avoiding an exercise, really sit in the silence of your own being and explore that.

Veronica: What does it mean to be a warrior in the modern world?
Alexis and Allie: To be a warrior in the modern world is to be someone who knows themselves. It’s not about becoming the perfect person, but learning to embrace and love those imperfections so that we can become whole and embodied people. A warrior is courageous, ruthless, and compassionate in their inner exploration. How do we find peace amidst the chaos? There is nothing in life we cannot breathe through.

"The modern world is so incredibly fast. A warrior knows how to slow down, listen intently and find stillness in any situation."


In collaboration with Alexis Ren and Allie Michelle, we created Becoming a Warrior Journal as a compassionate approach to facing your fears, reflection, and self-discovery. Filled with over 100 prompts that push you beyond reflection, this journal invites you to dissect and understand every layer of your identity, becoming a blueprint for living authentically.

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