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Woman celebrated her 53rd birthday with 53 acts of kindness

Debra Ferrell from Roanoke, Virginia, decided to turn her birthday into a day of service, asking friends and family to suggest 53 acts of kindness she could perform in honor of her 53 years of life.

Along with her granddaughters, Debra also painted signs to leave in people's yards, reminding them that "The world needs your light", "You're awesome" and they should "Let your awesome out." Debra shared with Associated Press that if "one random act of a yard sign can make someone smile at this time, then... it's more than worth it."


Artist creates custom portraits to show his gratitude to frontline workers

While working from his home in Santa Rosa, California, artist John Deckert started thinking about the essential workers who did not have this opportunity. Deckert first painted a deliveryman, followed by his mailman and a cashier. Now, the artist is focused on painting the nurses at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

He asked emergency room nurse for photos of her colleagues, which he uses as inspirations for each one of his portraits. Once John is finished with a painting, he gives it to his subject as a gift. For the artist, these portraits are an acknowledgment of the hard work and sacrifice shown by frontline workers. "You shared what skill you have, and I shared mine,” Deckert told NBC.


The Finnish grandmothers try to dave the world from climate change

In Finland, twelve grandmothers have created a group pushing for environmental change. Their aim is simple: to ensure their grandchildren have a safe and sustainable future.

The organisation, Aktivistimummot, meaning “Activist grannies”, now has over 5000 members in their Facebook group and has even received attention from politicians.

We try to give real, science-based information about climate change, and create a positive feeling of how you can fight this and how you can change the world. And that it’s not a bad future, it’s a good future”, And Harkki, one of the founders says.


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