Good News of The Week

by Veronica Joce — 1 min read

Good News of The Week

New store in Sweden prices foods based on their climate impact

In a world first, a Swedish brand Felix opened a grocery store where products are priced on their climate impact and carbon emissions. The more CO2 they emit, the higher is the price.

In the Climate Store, customers pay with carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) and all products are priced based on their climate impact. The company states that, in order to halve our climate impact, every customer must keep to a weekly budget of 18.9 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents.

By using a climate-based currency, Felix highlights what the true cost of food really is, and educates that the change in our family budget is equal to the change needed for a sustainable world.


Meet the world’s first wooden debit card that plants trees

Consumers in the USA and a number of European markets can now apply for a debit card made from sustainably sourced FSC cherry wood that also comes in a digital form.

With that debit card, users will not have to pay a fee, instead, TreeCard will make money from interchange – a fee that stores have to pay on each transaction.

TreeCard teamed up with Ecosia, the search engine that focuses on reforestation. 80% of the profits from your everyday payments are reinvested in reforestation projects around the world.


Santa will not face Covid restrictions as he is a key worker in Scotland

Ms Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, has reassured children that Santa will not face any coronavirus restrictions when he delivers presents on Christmas Eve

“Santa is a key worker and he’s got lots of magic powers that make him safe to do that. If he’s having to do grotto appearances by Zoom, that’s to keep you safe, it’s not that Santa is at any risk”, Ms Sturgeon dressed children.



Eight Habits of Highly Productive People

It may seem that success is more about fixed traits like intelligence, personality, or the background you were born in, the reality is quite different. It’s all about building productive habits. In this article, we share 8 of them.

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Good News of the Week

The Strand bookstore in New York was saved from closure by its devoted customers and book lovers; a man donates collection of 25,000 baseball cards to 9-year-old who lost all hers in wildfire; and other positive news of the week.

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Which Values Make Us Happy?

It is of immeasurable importance to acknowledge cultural differences in values and happiness. However, while there are some cultural universalities, there are also individual differences we need to rely on in shaping our happiness.

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