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Imagine a power space as a personal charging station: a place where you come to rest, relax, enjoy the colors, images, tidiness, privacy.

It can be slightly easier for those living alone, as no matter how tiny your living space is, you’ll have a variety of options. However, it’s also very important for those living with other people to designate a space for themselves: a spot at home that feels just right.

Just like having a dedicated workspace can help reduce distractions and make you feel empowered for a productive day in your home office, a power space is a spot at your home that’s filled with items you love.

It can be a corner, a shelf, a box, a chair, or, if you have the opportunity, the entire room. It should feel cozy, look attractive to you, and be filled with items you love. The size of your power space doesn’t matter–it’s the joy, calmness, and inspiration it provides that are important.

The benefits of having a dedicated power space are numerous: you know how people are told to visualize their “happy place” when they get anxious or nervous? Well, with a power space, you no longer need to visualize, it’s right there.

The main goal of creating a dedicated power space at home is that it spreads: through decluttering, developing a sense of personal aesthetics, and connecting with your living space, your entire home can eventually become your or the entire household’s power space that sparks joy and is full of good energy.

Here’s what you need to do.

Pick a Spot and Claim It as Yours

Where do you spend most of your time at home? The couch, kitchen table, by the window, or perhaps your bedroom and workstation?

If the space you can choose from is limited, pick a small section of the apartment, like your closet, or an armchair. Put some shelves around and align objects that make you feel joyful and peaceful. Put small bags of dry lavender around or another soothing scent of your choice, and put your favorite photographs or some inspiring posters and artwork around the place you spend more time at.

Declutter and Tidy Up

While some people love their “creative chaos”, it goes without saying that clutter makes our brains upset.

In order for your power space to work, it needs to be clutter-free and tidy. Detangle any messy cables, watch out for the number of items placed on each shelf, use dedicated boxes for your important stuff, use shelf or closet organizers for maximum use of the space you have, and fit more into less.

Transform the Chosen Space

power space

Whichever space you chose for your power space, it needs to smell, breathe, and vibrate you.

Here are some ideas on how to personalize your power space to the maximum:

  • Find space for your favorite plant or fresh cut flowers;
  • Put photos, prints, or other inspiring decorative objects in your power station;
  • Pick your favorite book and place it in your power space;
  • Candles (if safe), scents, cushions, blankets, and other decorative elements should be welcome in your personal energy-charging station.

Be Responsible With Your Power Space

With power and/or privilege also comes responsibility. Having your personal power spot at home means you need to take care of it.

You don’t want your power space to turn into a burden to yourself or the other people living in your apartment. Loving your space means more than just creating it, but also keeping it clean, tidy, and decluttered.

That means:

  • Wiping all the surfaces and not allowing dust to dominate your power space;
  • Regularly replacing objects in case they no longer inspire you or make you feel jolly;
  • Changing water for any flowers you have and watering your potted plants;
  • Making space for new treasures in your designated power station.

The ultimate goal of having a dedicated power space is spreading the idea further to other corners in your home. Perhaps others living with you will want to create their power spaces inspired by your idea. Then, you might wish to redecorate the rest of the common areas in your apartment or house.

It’s important that you feel like your home relaxes, energizes, and inspires you. Otherwise, it can become burdening and uninspiring to live there.

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