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The way we dress is one of the fastest ways to communicate to the world who we are and what we stand for, without having to say it out loud. Acknowledging this power that fashion holds means we can use it to our advantage and ensure that we are thinking beyond surface-level aesthetics, taking time to choose clothing and accessories that align with our genuine set of values and personalities.

Ultimately, style is a communication tool that anyone can use to craft their image at different occasions and moments of their lives.

It’s human nature for those around us to make certain assumptions about who we are based on our look. If you tend to dress in sporty cargo pants and sneakers, for instance, the early impression you’d give off would be of someone who is athletic and enjoys sport. Someone else who is neatly groomed and dressed in a sharp tailored suit gives off an aura of authority.

With that in mind, it only makes sense to put extra thought and intention when getting dressed to ensure our external appearance is aligned with our inner spirit and the statement we want to put out into the world.

When attending a friend’s birthday celebration, for instance, you want to let that person know that they’re special to you––and making an effort by dressing up can certainly play a role in telegraphing that message. Similarly, a smart shirt can provide that extra boost of confidence you need to stand out in a professional interview.

This is why we published The LIFE&Style Planner by Leonie Hanne––to help guide you to the best version of yourself and help you define your personal style. Carefully curated to bring positive thinking, personal growth, everyday happiness and style inspiration to your life.

The only rule? Have fun along the way and get creative.

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