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In the fifth episode of The Intelligent Change Podcast, our founder sits down with Regena Thomashauer, a feminist icon, teacher, and author of Pussy: A Reclamation—a New York Times bestseller delivering the tools and practices any woman requires to do and be whatever she wants in this life.

Regena Thomashauer talks about her journey to empowerment, the importance of desire, and the transformative power of pleasure. In this article, we explain the significance of pleasure as fuel for desire and share a simple exercise that you can do to ignite feelings of pleasure and joy within moments.

The Power of Desire and Pleasure

Does desire drive you to live authentically or are you afraid of unleashing that power within?

According to Regena Thomashauer, desire is “the interface between you and what is greater than you” and, when you disconnect from it, you disconnect from living your truth. This can affect your health and overall well-being as it can lead to eating disorders, depression, and disease.

Pleasure is the elixir to heal and support your connection to your highest self—this can be particularly tricky for women as they tend to take care of others, but not themselves.

Here is Regena Thomashauer’s simple exercise to help you incorporate pleasure into your daily routine.

The Holy Trinity Exercise

The Holy Trinity Exercise is a simple yet powerful way to increase empowerment, give yourself clarity about what you want, and ignite feelings of pleasure and joy within moments.

Grab your favourite journal and pen and set aside a quiet moment for yourself to think about three “I” statements to describe something that you want to brag about, something that you are grateful for, and something that you desire.

    “I brag about…” “I am grateful for…” “I desire…”

Write each of these three phrases down, followed by “And so it shall be or something better” underneath.

Repeat this simple exercise for a week and focus on the statements highlighting things or experiences that you desire and on what’s stopping you from pursuing them? Desires aren’t goals or something you work for but “something that propels you” and has the power to unlock pleasure and joy, within moments.

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