A Free Guide To Introducing Growth Mindset Concepts To Children

by Intelligent Change — 1 min read

A Free Guide To Introducing Growth Mindset Concepts To Children

This Five Minute Journal for Kids Teacher's Kit will show you how to lead students through exercises that will highlight:

  1. What they are grateful for today
  2. What would make today great
  3. A daily affirmation
  4. One amazing thing that happened today
  5. What they learned today

We've included information from The Five Minute Journal for Kids, explainer videos for children, and guided activities in this free guide.

If you're a teacher looking to teach your students gratitude, positivity, and how to use their mind as a tool—this Teacher's Kit will guide you through the lessons, activities, and questions to ask your students.

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Five Minute Journal For Kids | FREE Teacher's Kit

Jill Thompson, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I am a teacher/educator to third grade students in the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently purchased a kids journal and read the prompts to the kids each day. It has changed their ability to see gratitude in all things. It changes the way they think throughout the day.”

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