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Need a thoughtful gift for your ambitious, growth-minded loved one? We've got you covered. We curated 10 gifts to reliably create positive change, spark joy, or both - gifts we have used (and a few we dearly want) that put smiles on our faces. 

1. Headspace Membership


Meditation Made Simple

We are huge fans of meditation and Headspace makes it simple and sexy with their mobile app to suit your mood and lifestyle. Described as a gym membership for your mind, it's the perfect gift to bring calm into your life for the new year. It's so good we wish we created it!

Price: $96/Year Membership

2. WellnessFX        


Improve Health and Fitness

WellnessFX analyzes your blood, helping detect early signs of illness, maximize athletic performance, and measure nutrient levels. It's the perfect gift for creating rock solid health and fitness going into the new year.

Price: $78 - $925


3. Fancy Hands 

Fancy Hands

Take Back Your Time

Fancy Hands is a team of U.S. based assistants that helps you tackle your to-do list - from scheduling, making phone calls, purchases, research, dealing with customer service, and more. As we are huge fans of accomplishing big wins, Fancy Hands makes delegating possible at an affordable price. 

Price: $29 - $199 / Month


4. Alpha Brain        

Alpha Brain

Improve Memory and Focus

Alpha Brain is a nutritional supplement called a Nootropic that helps boost brain function. Alpha Brain contains all natural ingredients and has been clinically proven. While it won't give you superpowers, it does provide a nice cognitive boost when you need it most and is a healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks. 

Price: $34.95 for 30ct Bottle


5. Personalized Japanese Chopsticks 

Custom Chopsticks

Eat in Style

Not only have these put a smile on our faces, but have put a smile on every person we have gifted these to. The quality is great and you can even get fancier with the silver version. Be sure to get the custom box, it's worth it. These typically take 7-14 days to get delivered. Plan accordingly.  

Price: $5.90 for wood w/ box or $25.92 for silver w/ box. 

6. Tools of Titans  

Tools of Titans

Learn the Habits of World-Class Performers

Tim Ferriss interviewed over 200 billionaires, icons, and world-class performers including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Seth Godin, Brene Brown, and many others. Tim distills their habits, routines, and tactics into one convenient book. It's damn good and contains tips your recipient can immediately action.

Price: $16.80

7. Daybreaker Tickets


Let Loose and Have Fun

With events across the globe, Daybreaker is a morning dance party that starts your day off with energy and intention. We were skeptical at first, but after attending we realized it's the real deal. You begin with yoga, get tons of awesome food, and have a fun party with cool growth-minded folks, all before work!

Price: $27 just to dance or $37 including yoga. 

8. Ancestry             

DNA Testing         


Get Your Genetic Journey

23andMe is one of the highest rated DNA testing services that gives you a full report of your genetic makeup. You simply submit your saliva and mail it back to get your results revealing your ancestry. Do you know where you really came from? 23andMe will tell you. 

Price: $99


9. The Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal

Start Your Day Happier.

Clearly we are biased here because we have seen the dramatic effects in our own life and 150,000+ Five Minute Journalers practicing the power of gratitude journaling and setting purposeful action each day. It's the simplest thing you can do to start and end your day happier. 

Price: $22.95


10. Playbulb           


Playbulb Candle

The Fun, Colorful Smart Candle

Playbulb is a scented bluetooth flameless smart candle. You can choose from multiple colors, set lighting effects, or simply use it as a night light. It's the perfect small, yet fun, gift for this holiday season.  

Price: $20 for one or $35 for two.