Quarterly Productivity Planner

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Quarterly Productivity Planner is a smart 90-day planning system designed to maximize your growth, productivity, and mindful living. Experience 3 months of attainable goal-setting, smart planning, self-reflection, and progress tracking.

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Begin your journey to a successful and fulfilling quarter with the Productivity Planner Quarterly Edition. Set a vision for where you want to be 3 months from now. Prioritize your most important goals. Plan your weeks and days for maximum efficiency. Stay on track of your progress and review your achievements and top lessons.

  • Undated quarterly planner
  • Designed for a 90-day planning cycle
  • Goal setting, prioritization, time tracking framework
  • Habit tracker and mood tracker
  • Undated monthly calendar
  • Weekly and quarterly review
  • A5, 5.8 inches x 8.3 inches / 148mm x 210mm 
  • 303 pages
  • 100% natural cotton cover fabric
  • 100% biodegradable, recyclable, FSC™ certified paper
  • 2x 100% natural cotton ribbons
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Quarterly Productivity Planner

Spacious and intelligent day-per-page layout.

Take an inside look at how you can plan your days for maximum efficiency and productivity.

1. Schedule of your day

2. Daily planning with time-tracking system

3. Self-growth prompts for reflection

4. Habit tracker

5. Mood tracker

6. Daily productivity score

7. Daily quote for inspiration

8. Space for notes

9. Number of days left in quarter

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Quarterly Productivity Planner

Go beyond the horizon.

Has your mind wandered out beyond the horizon, envisioning what you can achieve 3 months from now? Broaden your horizons with the Quarterly Productivity Planner and see beyond what you thought capable of.

Create a clear vision for how you want your life to look in the next 90 days. Set SMART goals. Add weekly priorities, intentions, and objectives. Plan your days, record your mood and habits, and reflect on the day's highlights. Keep track of your weekly progress and evaluate any stuck points. Review your quarter, celebrate your wins, list your top lessons. Repeat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is inside the Quarterly Productivity Planner?


    Inside you will find an in-depth introduction on how to use this planner and step-by-step guide of how to plan and have a successful, fulfilling quarter, week, and day. 

    There is a Quarterly Planning section, where you create a vision for the next 90 days and list your top 3–7 SMART goals for 3 months, ranking them in priority. In this section, you will also find Habit Tracker for each month of the quarter, and undated Monthly Calendar.

    As you begin every week, there is a dedicated Weekly Planning section to set your intentions, write down most important tasks of the week as well as self-care commitments, and create an overview of the upcoming 7 days. As you finish your week, review your progress, check in with your goals, evaluate any stuck points, and write down your highlights.

    Daily Planning consists of 7 daily pages per week. Each page includes an inspiring quote, schedule from 6 AM to 9.30 PM, space to write down important tasks of the day with the time tracking system, self-growth prompts for reflection, and ample room for notes. You can also keep track of your habits, mood, and productivity score. To help you stay more accountable, there is a number of days remaining in quarter on every page.

    At the end of the planner, you will find the Quarterly Review chapter, and some dotted pages – perfect for creative musings and doodling.

  • Why quarterly planning is important?

    The simple answer is that prioritizing a few goals, rather than trying to juggle many, is better for you on many levels. When we allow ourselves the time and space to focus on a small number of goals at time, rather than trying to move several tasks and projects forward at once, we dramatically increase our chances of success and in the process also protect our mental well-being.

    The key to a successful quarter lies down in 3 steps:

    1. The very first step to ensuring this next quarter is your best yet is to visualize where you want to be and what you want your life to look like 90 days from now. Consider what needs to happen for you to achieve your vision.

    2. Your next step is to develop your ideas into measurable and attainable, SMART goals for how you will achieve your vision. Take a look at your notes from Step 1 and separate your goals into categories, e.g. personal development, time management, wellness.

    3. Now it’s time to prioritize your goals to give you the time and space to focus on those that are fundamental to reaching your vision. Set weekly objectives, plan your days for maximum productivity and efficiency, stay on top of your well-being, and track your progress.

  • What are the benefits of using the Quarterly Productivity Planner?

    Quarterly Productivity Planner will empower you to:

    1. Set a vision for where you want to be 90 days from now.

    2. Prioritize your most important goals.

    3. Plan your weeks and days for maximum efficiency and productivity.

    4. Reward yourself and celebrate your achievements.

  • What is the Quarterly Productivity Planner made of?

    We used 100% recyclable, biodegradable, carbon neutral, and FSC™ certified paper.

    The cover of the planner is made of 100% cotton fabric, coated with acrylic resin and featuring recyclable silver foil embossed details.

    Each planner features the perfect binding, which makes this planner 100% plastic-free. It comes with two 100% cotton ribbons. 

  • What is The Focus Time technique?

    The Focus Time technique is one of the simplest time-management methods that could change your life completely – it allows you to work uninterruptedly on a task in 30-minute increments and then have a mindful five-minute break. 

    We created The Focus Time technique to give you more flexibility to pause the timer when those unavoidable distractions occur, deal with the issue, then re-start the timer and re-focus on your chosen task.

    Read this article from our blog to discover how to make The Focus Time technique work for you.
  • How does your 6 month back guarantee work?


    We believe in a better tomorrow, a more productive and happier you. We create tools for the lifelong learners and doers because you are changing the world every day. 

    We designed these tools with proven principles of positive psychology and daily accountability. This is why we are offering a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee: if you do not feel Intelligent Change products have shaped a better attitude towards productivity and happiness, simply email hello@intelligentchange.com and we can organize the return of your full journal or planner and issue a refund.

  • Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

    10+ Journals or Planners? Save 20% Applied automatically at checkout or use code save-20

    40+ Journals or Planners? Save 30% Applied automatically at checkout or use code save-30

    If you are interested in ordering 320+ journals/planners get in touch here.

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