It’s finally here! We put together a video how to do The Five Minute Journal that explains in-depth how to get the most out of it. We cover what to do when it gets repetitive, each individual question, the power of gratitude, and so much more.

Watch it start to finish or jump around to a specific section below. Enjoy!

As a supplement and if you are not signed up already, we have a Five Minute Journal Tips email series as well that really helps you implement a lot of these tips that we’ve talked about in this video:



  • 0 - 3:00: - How did the Five Minute Journal get started
  • 3:00-4:00 - The #1 tip for sticking to the physical Five Minute Journal
  • 23:40-24:15 -The #1 tip for sticking to the Five Minute Journal App
  • 18:00-19:00 - What do you do when you don’t feel like doing the Five Minute Journal
  • 37:30-40:20 - The Power of Gratitude


    • 4:00-11:30 - Question 1 - What are you grateful for? Keeping the Five Minute Journal fresh.
    • 11:30-18:00 - Question 2 - What would make today great? Focusing on tiny great things.
    • 19:00-22:45 - Question 3 - Daily Affirmation. I am… Becoming who you want to be. 


      • 24:10-32:30 - Question 4 - 3 Amazing things that happened today… Appreciating the things throughout your day.
      • 32:30-37:20 - Question 5 - How could I have made today even better? Tiny changes to improve your life.


      What did you learn from this video? What changes are you going to make now that you’ve watched it? Let us know.

      It’s proven that if you write down what you commit to, you’re more likely to follow through on it.

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      Alex Ikonn

      I am a man of ideas. I thrive in a creative environment and am passionate about people, creative thinking and education. I consider myself to be especially fortunate having the freedom to discover what drove me at such an early stage in life. Currently, I live in London, UK with my wife and business partner, Mimi Ikonn.


      • I’ve been writing things down/figuring things out for years and this is by far the most exciting supportive writing tool idea! For me to discover both the 5 min Journal AND Productivity Planner. I believe in your message. You have a transformation for good goal. I love it!


      • Okay first I need to thank Tim Ferriss for pointing me in your direction. I have enjoyed watching the video to get a better understanding behind your intent on this type of journal. I really do like the thought behind it and am ready to start my new year with new routines (this being one of them). I was going to echo Connie and Rebecca’s comments on leaving on a more positive note. But decided to watch the video until the end, and so glad I did. I understood the original text as you had it written. In making presentations to potential clients, you always ask yourself how could we have done this better, regardless if you get the project or not. Always sharpening. I appreciate and applaud your tweaks your are continuing to make. One thing I personally would love to see is an Android app. Thank you again!!!

        Brad Stringer

      • Thank you guys for sharing this video that I have watched religiously until the end ;-)
        I randomly discovered your website today, I agree that gratitude can be a very powerful tool and I will definitely start journaling on a regular basis following your tips. Cheers


      • Heard about the five minute journal through researching the productivity journal. Downloaded the app and loving it so much!

        Have shared with a support group for depression survivors. My main use will be to battle the blues and encourage positivity. I have already purchased this as a gift for some of my friends and have forwarded your blog, social media links to others.

        My thanks!


      • I would like to echo Connie Janis. I understand the thought behind the last question, but it always left me feeling depressed. I made one change that fixed it: How could I make next time even better? This simple rephrasing made all the difference for me. It accomplishes the goal of self-improvemet, but it’s also forward-thinking instead of critical. I literally crossed it out and rewrote it in on every page. Time-consuming, but it saved the journal for me.

        Rebecca Roberts

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