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Five minute journal

Five Minute Journal

Benefits of Journaling: The Science and Philosophy Behind Keeping a Diary

Why should you keep a journal? What are the benefits of journaling? In this article, we guide you through journaling benefits for mental health, well-being and happiness in all areas of your life.

Five Minute Journal

The Ultimate Gratitude Journal Guide

A step by step actionable guide to why and how to keep a gratitude journal.

Five Minute Journal

Building sustainable future together

This unprecedented time and the current crisis is a defining moment for all of us to build a more resilient and sustainable future. The future of real, positive changes based on fundamental principles of human rights, equality and sustainability.

Morning Routine

How Tim Ferriss Uses The Five Minute Journal - 6 Tips For New Journalers

Tim Ferriss, The New York Times best-selling author, admits that taking notes and journaling are two activities that help brainstorm, focus and reduce anxiety. In this article, we reveal 6 ways of how Tim Ferriss does his gratitude journal to gain focus and appreciation.

Five Minute Journal

11 Celebrity Five Minute Journalers

11 Celebrity Five Minute Journalers from Tim Ferriss to Emma Watson and More.

Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal Questions

Here are the 5 questions contained within The Five Minute Journal and how you can use them to become happier

Five Minute Journal

4 Ways to keep a gratitude journal practice fresh and useful [PDF]

4 Actionable tips to keep a gratitude journal fresh and useful.

Five Minute Journal

How to REALLY do The Five Minute Journal

Actionable tips on how to get the most out of The Five Minute Journal