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Morning routine

Morning Routine

Night Notes: Your Guide to Creativity

Nighttime gives our brains a special kind of freedom that normally hides from sunlight. It brings the potential to equip you with insights you never dared to dream about before. Here’s how to unlock it.

Morning Routine

6 Better Ways to Wake Up

Starting your day early, without snoozing the alarm and having time for yourself, can make your days more fulfilling, productive, and mindful. In this article, we’ll share with you a few tips on how to actually wake up in the morning with your energy levels up and not feel sleepy and tired for the rest of the day.

Morning Routine

The Gratitude Night Routine

With the new colors of The Five Minute Journal, we updated the Night Routine layout to provide you with a fresh and even more rewarding gratitude journaling experience.

Morning Routine

How to Create Your Own Spiritual Practice

Spirituality is such an abstract concept, loaded with unknowns and big question marks. But it's also a big part of living a conscious lifestyle. Here, we share an individual experience to help inspire you to create your own.

Morning Routine

Routines and Their Benefits

Life is a series of routines: they help us function against the chaos of the world and of our minds. They give us extra control and discipline.They bring wellness, harmony and structure into our everyday life. 

Morning Routine

Creating Gratitude Family Rituals

Implementing the practice of gratitude into your family routine is an excellent way to gear young minds into a state of greater positivity and teach them to cherish and value the things they have.

Morning Routine

Guide to Becoming a Morning Person

Our brains love routines. Here's a step-by-step guide of what you can do in the evening to prepare yourself for a good night sleep.

Morning Routine

Morning Routine to Boost Productivity

We’ve prepared a list of productivity morning routine tips to help you get the best out of the brightest part of the day.

Morning Routine

How Tim Ferriss Uses The Five Minute Journal - 6 Tips For New Journalers

Tim Ferriss, The New York Times best-selling author, admits that taking notes and journaling are two activities that help brainstorm, focus and reduce anxiety. In this article, we reveal 6 ways of how Tim Ferriss does his gratitude journal to gain focus and appreciation.


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The best of 2017 Intelligent Tuesday resources on happiness, productivity, fulfillment and more as decided by our 100,000 readers and personal favorites.

Morning Routine

The power of keeping a daily morning routine [VIDEO]

What does the first hour of your day look like? Do you have a powerful morning routine that sets your day up for success?