Morning Routine

The power of keeping a daily morning routine [VIDEO]

by Alex Ikonn — 1 min read

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

What does the first hour of your day look like? Do you have a powerful morning routine to set your day up for success?

Is your morning routine a fire drill?

  • You scramble to find work clothes
  • Skip breakfast or gobble fruits down quickly
  • Anxiously rush out the door hoping you will arrive to work on time

Or do you calmly start your day?

  • Your outfit is laid out, matched, and ready to slip on.
  • A nutritious, egg, kale, and sweet potato breakfast is eaten (and made with already cleaned pans)
  • You have time for reflection and you have plenty of time to spare before starting work

The morning is the time and place before all the responsibilities of the day take over. Before email, work meetings, and social obligations, the morning is a space before anything has “ruined” your day.

A Powerful Morning Routine

Watch the video below where my wife Mimi and I share our morning routine that has gotten over 1.7million views on YouTube. Even if you have a solid morning routine, I think there are some ideas that can make your days even better.

As you wake up you are fresh and have the precious opportunity in the first few minutes to set the tone for the rest of the day. So, make it count!


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