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Journaling is a great way to help you organize your thoughts, focus your attention on what’s true to you, get clarity on emotions, and remember good days and meaningful moments.

But if you’re not into this habit or find it hard to be consistent with daily journaling, something as simple as making a list might be another powerful solution in your life to gain self-awareness, relieve stress and reach for your goals.

Lists go beyond the tasks to accomplish or things you need to buy. Lists are an easy and effective way to reconnect with how you feel about what’s going on in your life, understand what truly matters, determine where you’d like to go next, and remind yourself of the good things.

The beauty of making lists is that there’s no obligation to write a long narrative, and still you can use them to be more productive, motivated and focused. As a study at Dominican University of California found, once you put pen to paper on your goal, dream or plan, you’re 33% more likely to actually achieve it.

The Power of List-Making

It seems that, at least, everyone has a to-do list and a New Year's resolution, but there are other wonderful and accessible list options that will help you set your real dreams, inner peace and overall well-being in motion. Here are some ideas:

Gratitude list

There is no need to write a complete sentence, just write down everything that warms your heart and fills you with appreciation and joy.

Good things you want to do for others

List things you want to do for people you care to bring a smile on their face and to make them feel whole, happy and loved.

Ways you can take care of yourself and the environment

Now it’s more important than ever to think about the consequences of your actions and daily choices. Figure out the ways how you can live more sustainably and be in harmony with the environment.

List of positive changes

Think of what you want to change in your life, what you want to stop doing, and how can you unleash your potential to become a better version of yourself. List new habits, rituals, skills, and qualities and use them as a guidance for yourself to focus on the good and bring that positive change to your life.

Conversation topics

Write down meaningful topics you want to discuss, deep stories you want to share, or thought-provoking questions you want to ask.

List of what makes you happy

Create a reminder for yourself (and for those who look after you) and write down things that can cheer you up, help you recharge, slow down, and feel yourself again. In other words, this is your joy list.

Achievements list

Write down your small wins, actions and milestones, and list the moments when you felt satisfied, proud of yourself and indispensable. This is the alley of your magical moments.

Inspiring things you want to do

It can be a list of books to read, movies to (re)watch, exhibitions to see, podcasts to listen to, experiences to share with friends. You can also write down your plans, such as unconventional weekend getaways, home redecoration strategy, new meditation you want to practice, or that artist you want to check out… the list can go on and on.

Emotions and experiences to feel in your life

Remind yourself what emotions you want to feel and what you want to experience in your life. Use adjectives to describe those feelings and states.

Places you want to visit

List all the dreamy destinations you aspire to visit one day and highlight those places you want to see once again that make you feel unconditionally happy. Cities, hidden locations, parks, beaches, restaurants… everything goes on the list.

Fresh ideas

Any time your mind sparkles with a fresh bold idea that can deliver value and difference, write it down. You never know how helpful these ideas may be for you one day. You will thank yourself later.

Goals list

Write down your dreams, plans, wishes, no matter how big and small they are. Put everything you envision for yourself together.

The Power of List-Making

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