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The Intelligent Change Mindful Focus is a beautifully designed functional piece of art to give you a visual of 30 minutes of time to complete a task or do something that's truly important to you.

Here are some of our favourite ways to use this beautiful timer:

– For the Productivity Planner focused time intervals;
– Meditation time;
– Self-care time;
– Time on a phone call to someone special;
– Home-schooling timer for kids;
– Work out or yoga time;
– Time to read a book;
– Time to be present with your loved ones (flip it a few times here);
– Dedicated time to use your phone/tablet before bed, then put it away;
– Just flip it because it's beautiful and relaxing to watch.

      Given its simplicity, elegance and functionality, Mindful Focus can be simply enjoyed as a design object that speaks to the passage of time and makes an eye-catching centerpiece in any space, from home offices to living rooms.

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