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Quarterly Planner is a planning system for 3 months, it has a dedicated goal-setting section for the quarter, as well as a review at the end. You set the theme, plan your goals, and choose your focus areas. It’s the best tool for keeping track of the progress of your goals. It has the feature of how many days are left in the quarter as an extra accountability tool.

Productivity Planner is a simpler version for regular planning. It doesn’t have a goal-setting section and any review sections at the end. It’s the tool for daily planning with an undated monthly calendar, weekly planning, and weekly review.


Same daily planning layout that features:

  • inspiring quotes
  • self-growth prompts,
  • daily schedule,
  • mood and productivity tracker,
  • a whole page of notes.

Both Quarterly Planner and Productivity Planner have an undated monthly calendar, a habit tracker for 3 months, and an introduction that explains the Intelligent Change approach to planning.

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