The Five Minute Journal App


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A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day


There are plenty of benefits to journaling, whether you take time to write out your full thoughts or just spend a few minutes jotting down the things you're most grateful for every day or lessons you've learned. The Five Minute Journal app makes this process easy enough to do on the go.

Five Minute Journal App

Start Your Morning Focusing on the Good

The Five Minute Journal App asks you three morning questions designed to instill gratitude, set purpose for your day, and create empowering beliefs. When you start your morning off on the right foot, days seem to go by smoother. 


Five Minute Journal App

End Your Day with Reflection

At the end of the day, two night questions ask you to reflect on the amazing things that happened throughout your day and how you could improve for tomorrow. Sleep easier ending your day on a high note. 


Five Minute Journal App

Capture Your Magical Moments

Capture and view your magical moments with a daily photo. Switch to timeline view to see a photographic timeline view of all your daily photos.

For those who...
• Always wanted to start a journal
• Want to constantly reflect and improve their lives.

Not for those who...
• Already are in the habit of journaling
• Need a more freeform journaling application to write at length.

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