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We’ve all heard about the value of journaling as a daily habit and mindfulness practice. But what are some more specific reasons we might want to invest our time in every day?

Here are some of the ways I’ve benefited tremendously from regular journaling in my notebook over the years, as well as other suggestions from what I’ve seen others doing to improve their lives and lift their energy.

General stress reduction

Writing out your concerns and transferring thoughts onto paper has the cathartic effect of reducing stress. Journaling through your thoughts helps you realize that you are not your thoughts. Seeing this brings a relief and a serene feeling of freedom that can only appear when you disidentify from your thinking.

Raise confidence

Though disconnecting from negative thoughts will help increase your sense of confidence, journaling can also boost it in another way. You can do this by reflecting on and jotting down your little wins and all the things–small and big–for which you are grateful. Make this a habit, and you will literally train your brain to focus on what’s good in your life, which will lead to more feelings of joy and overall wellness.


One of the key impacts of writing is uncovering new insights and ideas. One way to do this is to brainstorm on a particular topic or question you have been asking yourself for a while. For example, “What are some ideas for books I could write?”, “How can I deliver value and share my knowledge?”, or “What things and habits can improve the quality of my life?” Write out whatever comes to mind and see where the writing takes you. The closer you get to exploring those ideas, the more creative you will tend to be.

Improve sleep quality

Consistent reflection journaling, especially if you do it at the end of your day, can have a direct effect on your sleep quality. How? By allowing yourself to process the events of the day and by clearing your mind before bed, you will gain a more relaxed state before you fall asleep. Night Notes journal has been designed with this in mind–it helps free your mind from any open thought loops and bridges your evening reflections into conscious actions.

Achieve goals

The most important element in setting and achieving goals is to bring those objectives into your awareness, every day. That way, you are conscious of what you need to be prioritizing day after day to ensure you’re taking actions in line with those goals as part of your goal-getting system. Writing out those goals, designing an action plan, and reflecting on the progress is one way successful people reach their objectives.

Uncover self-limiting beliefs

A powerful exercise through journaling is identifying various beliefs that might be holding you back. You can start with this simple journal prompt, “What is stopping me from…?”, to find a pattern or habits that hold you back. You can use writing as a medium to challenge and re-frame such beliefs to break their hold on you. Pair jour journaling sessions with inspiring affirmations to supercharge your results and let them be your daily reminders to guide you in the right direction.

Improve communication skills

Writing through your challenges and putting your ideas into coherent sentences makes you a better communicator. You can go through the day with a jumble of thoughts and disparate ideas floating around. Journaling takes those thoughts and brings them together in a way that makes sense to you and others.

Track the progress

Perhaps you’re undergoing therapy, building new habits, or trying out a new fitness routine. Journaling can be the it tool for noticing and tracking not only your statistics for the days, but it also serves as a place to record your experiences and how they made you feel. Acknowledging everyday lessons, tracking your mood, and seeing the improvements is your path to self-growth and development.

Manage emotions

Writing can also help you get to the root of more recurring emotions like anger or sadness that may have been lingering for a while. Writing allows you to question and re-imagine those emotions to release them.

Gain a sense of purpose

Many of us experience life moving by very quickly, forgetting the key details, and often losing our sense of passion and direction. Journaling gives you the opportunity to be an active participant in your life rather than a passive observer. This will enliven and encourage you.

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