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Mindfulness and movement can boost productivity. Integrating them into daily routines helps harness physical and mental energy effectively. Mindfulness keeps us focused, while movement energizes the body and mind, creating a powerful synergy for increased productivity.

We rarely hear about fitness and productivity talked about in the same sentence, but the symbiotic relationship between the two can’t be understated. To understand why this is, we need to quickly take a closer look at productivity itself.

What is productivity, and why should fitness improve it?

Productivity, put simply, is our ability to get more out of the activities we include in our day. Productivity as a concept came about because humans wanted to leverage the energy they were putting out more effectively. We didn’t want to waste it.

So, we can say that to be truly productive requires energy, but also wisdom.

The more energy we have, the more we’re able to put into productive acts. And, the more we are able to think clearly, the more effectively we will assign various actions to our desired outcomes while wasting less energy.

The two combined make us more productive.

So how does fitness improve our productive capacity?

Fitness and physical exertion uses up energy––yes. But there have been countless studies now done on the energy-boosting effect of physical exercise. Not only that, fairly strenuous movement has been demonstrated to improve coordination and cognitive ability. Getting yourself moving and the blood pumping will provide a clear mind, increased energy, and focus that will translate directly to being a productive powerhouse.

To put it simply, if you want to get more done of the things that matter, with improved focus, you gain a lot by introducing exercise into your week, ideally daily.

Here are some ideas for fun ways to introduce physical fitness into your day so that you give yourself a productivity advantage:


Even just 10 minutes around your neighbourhood will clear the mind, provide you with fresh solutions on challenges, and lift your spirits.


A good stretching session counts. You’ll stave off physical aches and pains, while staying flexible and keeping the muscles strong, awake and healthy.

Guided workouts

Have an instructor, either in person, with a group, or via YouTube show you what to do. The added accountability here is a powerful way to get into the groove and get a sweat going.

Martial arts

Meet new friends, build your confidence, develop the ability to protect yourself and get fit by trying out one of the many traditional fighting skills on offer.

Body-weight exercises

Pressups, pullups, situps and squats––you name it. You can do these in the comfort of your own living room.


How about setting up a regular game of tennis, squash, golf, or frisbee with friends or others in the community?


Don your boots, make like an explorer and head out on that adventure in the mountains you’ve been dreaming of.

Swimming or running

One of the best things you can do for a strong heart and pair of lungs is cardio exercise on the running trails or in the local pool.


Major health benefits, including improved cognitive ability, weight loss, and bone and muscle strength, are associated with lifting heavy weights.


Combine spiritual growth, breathing skill, coordination and physical strength in the form of yoga. Grab your yoga mat and a fresh cup of herbal tea, join a group, or follow along on the Internet at home.

Goofy invented shaking

I had to throw this one in there because I do this to loosen up before my Zoom calls and meetings. Let loose and shake out all that nervous energy.

Our performance increases as our bodies relax. This is a productivity hack.


If you want to prioritize self-care, balance your physical and mental health, stay on track with your well-being goals, and become more mindful, discover The Five Minute Journal Fit Edition.

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