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Human beings are no simple creatures. We come with buckets of personal experiences, subjective opinions, colorful backgrounds, varied predispositions, or coping mechanisms developed under different umbrellas of circumstances. Psychologists around the world have their hands full because no matter the behavioral patterns, no two individuals are exactly alike. And yet, there is still knowledge we can categorize into concrete pillars that will support our well-being and emotional health.

The Mental Realm

Our minds make us who we are. We begin in this world as tiny biological blobs but it’s our abstract thinking that distinguishes us from other creatures in this world. Our thought patterns can make or break the quality of our lives, therefore, we need to pay special attention to taking care of our mental health.

Our brains are our engines. It matters what we feed them, how we exercise them, and if we provide them with proper rest and reset. So what are our options? Meditation, journaling, forest bathing, news abstinence, proper sleep routine, setting boundaries – anything that facilitates self-love, contentment, and harmony. Our minds (and physique) are the only homes we are unable to leave. We need to make them cozy and nice for ourselves.

The Physical Dominion

And now we get out of our heads and into our bodies (sort of). If you’ve been a part of our Intelligent Change community for some time, you know how huge advocates for the mind-body connection we are. One does not exist without the other, it’s a marriage that will never be broken.

When we take proper care of our bodies, we think better, feel better, and achieve more because we have adequate machinery to perform at the top of our abilities. Fuel it with enough water. Give it some rest. Move your body to calm your soul. And that brings us to our next pillar.

The Spiritual Kingdom

The term spirituality has been so present in the mainstream media that it sometimes loses its meaning. Does it have something to do with religion? Is it about magic? What we associate with spirituality is sometimes very woo-woo and overly otherworldly.

We’re all spiritual beings. The only difference is how we approach that part of our existence. Some of us deny it, some of us neglect it, and some of us integrate it into our lives with zero effort. You define spirituality for yourself, hence you determine what beliefs and practices are best for you to cultivate it.

Our advice: reconnect with nature. That’s where we come from and that’s what we will be one day. What’s more spiritual than that?

The Emotional Dimension

Emotions are those colorful waves flowing inside and out of us. Can’t see them? Oh yes, they may also be illusory, hard to catch, and sometimes out of control. Still, with proper management, they make us glorious. They are the driving force behind our dreams, relationships, and health.

What we feel is quite literally written all over our faces. You might be able to manipulate your emotional reactions, yet unless you’re willing to hide under a heavy layer of make-up, your skin will give you away. The field of psychodermatology is evolving rapidly and psychologists and dermatologists very often join forces to help their patients.

Check-in with your skin regularly and accept your imperfections because they tell you your own story. Both body neutrality and skin neutrality will help you gain a better understanding of your emotions and how to heal them if need be.

The Social Sphere

Humans are social creatures. We need each other for survival and for emotional well-being (see how firmly all the pillars depend on one another?). We need to belong somewhere, we need to be part of a tribe, and we need to feel loved and accepted into it.

What might seem counterintuitive but is far from it, is practicing intentional solitude. We prepare to coexist with other people when we are alone. Know thyself first and you’ll be able to connect and bond with fellow travelers on this plane of existence in a deeper and more fulfilling manner. In order to make friends with others, you need to be a friend to yourself.

All Is Well That Ends Well

Did you know that well-being is a skill? You read it, now go and get it. Prioritizing wellness means putting all you now know into practice, no time to spare. Take action and be well.

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