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Getting dressed is part of everyone’s routine, yet it can also turn into a creative expression, experimentation, and pure joy. The fashion designers of the clothes and accessories we choose to wear often put hours of creativity, storytelling, and craft into each piece––filled with subtle references to art, nature, or the maker’s own childhood dreams.

Creativity, fantasy, and imagination are quite literally woven into the fabric of so much of our clothing. And it’s possible for you, as the wearer, to continue this joyful, creative journey through the way you choose to style an item and make it your own.

You can play around with mixing different colors and patterns together, pair a new item with a vintage one unearthed from a parent’s closet, or blend formal and informal elements to create your own individual look.

Granted some days practical needs take precedence, it’s worth setting some time aside and getting creative with styling. It’s a joyful, rewarding pursuit that will allow you to tap into your artistic side, similarly like playing with watercolour paints on an empty canvas or experimenting with creative writing would.

No matter what you choose to do as your day job, there’s an artist within us all and we can always find joy in getting in touch with our creative side.

Find the way to express yourself next time you get dressed for an occasion, as unconventional or loud your picks might seem. To help you unleash your full potential and motivate you to experiment and have fun with the process, the LIFE&Style Planner by Leonie Hanne has Weekly Inspiration pages, complete with fashion facts, life lessons, practical tips, and guides on how to find your own unique style and express yourself through it.

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