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Words have limitless potential and unfathomable power. Capable of spreading love as well as inflicting pain, they can be both beautiful flowers and thorns on their stems. Marketing strategies and advertising campaigns rely on words to generate profits for businesses, poetry has the power to incite a rebellion, and three words, I love you, can turn somebody’s life upside down.

Still, the most important words are those we say to ourselves. Whether it be thoughts, journaling or self-talk, our verbiage matters significantly. Affirmations are probably the most powerful incarnation of that truth. After all, these are the words we choose to improve ourselves and stir our destinies in the sky-is-the-limit directions.

"You become what you think about all day long." ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cause And Effect Of Visualization

At the core of the power of affirmations stands gratitude, reminding us how inextricably connected it is to happiness and visualization. Gratitude is the root of all goodness and affirmations will help you create a force field of positive energy around you necessary for making your dreams and visions come true. The process of visualization begins with thoughts and is realized with words and actions in order to generate results. Like so:


Copy the above cause-and-effect line on a piece of paper and read it as frequently as possible to remind you how great of an impact what you create inside you has on your outer reality. It’s only with patience and persistence that we can access our subconscious mind and convince it to cooperate in our reaching for the stars.

What’s Really Possible?

Affirmations are tools to alter the blueprint for your life. What’s possible is:

  • physical and mental healing,
  • rewiring your brain,
  • altering your perception,
  • attracting abundance into your life.

Even though this isn't magic, there's hardly anything that would be completely off the table. Depending on the object of your desire, with enough time, dedication, and consistency you’ll reaffirm the right level of certainty within yourself to achieve your goals.

However, you’ll need to say goodbye to your comfort zone. You might be required to redefine your relationship with people, with your individuality and taking up space in the universe, with money, nature and where we really come from, your spirituality. The list goes on but this is precisely what makes this journey interesting and worthwhile – endless possibilities for positive change.

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Knowing Within

If you’re unsure of what language to use to manifest results, you need to take a deep breath first. We all have what Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed, calls an inner Knowing, which is the still place within you that holds the answers and the words you need. In order to reach it, block out time for meditation, or some other kind of self-reflection such as journaling, disconnecting from your devices, mindfulness walks, etc. Once you feel the levels of gratitude within you rise high, align yourself with your dreams. Quiet your mind, anchor yourself in the present moment, and aim your mental strength on what you want to be true in your life.

Home Body

Health affirmations are deeply rooted in self-love. In your mind’s eye picture your body with no aches, in shape, with toned and yoga-stretched muscles, flawless skin, strong hair and nails, perfect vision and hearing, uninterrupted breath, youth flowing through you (regardless what your birth certificate has to say). Only you know what you’d like to change, improve, or love in your body – embrace it in your affirmations. In your Five Minute Journal, you can write...

I am healthy from head to toe. All my organs function properly and my cells divide uninterruptedly.

Every fiber of my body is working towards my physical wellbeing and longevity.

I am glowing with youth. My skin is radiant, my hair is shiny, and the sparkle in my eye lights up the room.

I can feel so much life in my legs and arms. I can move with ease and grace.

My neck is relaxed and my spine is strong. The bones and muscles in my body carry me to bliss.

My beautiful face is lit up with happiness. Joy and satisfaction are written all over it.

My body is perfect exactly the way it is. I’m wrapping every inch of it with love and acceptance.

I am well-rested, healthy, and calm. Peace and tranquility are healing my body from the inside.

My vision, hearing, sense of smell, touch, and taste help me experience life in all its vibrant glory..

I’m breathing in harmony and fulfillment. I’m breathing out negativity. The air in my lungs is a gift.

There’s incredible potential in my brain. It operates efficiently and fast. My brain is my superpower.

My body is a miracle. It can overcome and heal from stress and pain. It is free from injury or disease.

Spirit Indestructible

Now, go back to your breath, unfrown your forehead, and smile, for we are stepping into your mind. Does the greenery of the forest calm you down? Or the sound of waves on a beach, the smell of books in a library? Your inner world should be your happy place. Use visuals that make you feel most yourself to prime your soul for accepting positive change. That’s how you lay solid foundations for the spiritual bricks ―affirmations― that can fortify your mental health against harm. Place yourself in a space where you want to be. Now say or write:

I am at peace. Nothing and no one can disrupt the calmness in me. I inhale serenity with every breath.

My soul is nourished, I feel joyful and loved, my heart is filled with emotional abundance and tranquility.

There is light and goodness in me that can spark light and goodness in others. I’m radiating sunshine.

I am healed. I feel so much room for good energy in my heart. I am breathing, I am thriving.

My thoughts are powerful beyond measure and can help me create my dream life.

I am able to attract wonders into my life because I deserve all the magic. I have a lot of love for myself.

Happiness is a choice. I am filled with positive energy to the brim, I am overflowing with optimism.

I welcome improvement. I am open, I am blessed, and I am receptive to positive change.

I emerge victorious over my doubts and fears, I rise above my regrets. I am more than enough!

My psyche is strong, healthy and working towards my wellbeing. I can do anything I set my mind to.

There is nobody I would rather be than myself. I admire the strength and resilience of my soul.

My mind is a beautiful place, my spirit is indestructible, and my heart is whole. I am whole.

In A Relationship

Everyone wants to be liked, respected, and perhaps even admired. As social beings, we need to feel accepted, loved. We need friends and family (by blood or by choice). Maybe you just left a long-term relationship, maybe your friend proved to be disloyal, or perhaps you moved to another country and you are at the beginning stages of forming a new tribe. Say or write…

I am ready to invite new people into my life. I’m opening myself up to social improvement of my reality.

I welcome new energy, new friendships, and new adventures with kindred spirits. I have found my tribe.

I give and receive love, I am the source of happiness and light for others. People around me reflect my joy.

I feel connected to my soul mates and I am open to sharing my life with them. Our bond is unbreakable.

My circle is my family. I am part of an accepting community. I am loved, I am heard, and I belong.

I emanate happiness to help the world smile back at me. What I give, I always receive.

I am blessed with a loving and supportive family. Our relationship grows healthier and stronger every day.

My children are healthy and safe. Their lives are full of joy and positive progress. Their future is bright.

People around me wholeheartedly wish me well. I am surrounded by honesty, truth and goodness.

I feel reassured and invigorated with the positive energy from my devoted friends and family.

I am ready for commitment, I have conquered social anxiety, I’m liberated to love others as they are.

I forgive those who meant me harm. Thanks to them I am now more resilient and compassionate.

The Best Version Of You

All our big and small successes in life depend on who we are and how we act. If you recognize the power of affirmations as a force that can build you up, you might become unstoppable. Picture the specifics of what you’re going to wear to that important job interview, what you are going to say proposing to your partner or what kind of a parent you are going to be for your future children. Now say or write:

I am strong, ambitious, determined, and persistent. I can count on myself and I can bet on myself.

I am proud of who I am and of all my success. Only I know what it took to get me where I am today.

Nothing is impossible. I will keep moving forward to new heights. My future is fruitful.

Everything is going according to my plan. I am on the right path. I am headed in the right direction.

I am smart, talented and resourceful. I have the means to learn and grow. I can go even further.

Every door is open to me. My road is clear and unobstructed. Nothing can stop me or hinder my potential.

My charming personality is shining through my doubts and mesmerizing the world around me.

I have a fierce personality that can take me far and keep me sane. I’m prepared for anything.

My mind is the most powerful tool in my assortment. Anything I want, it wills into existence.

I nailed the job interview, I trusted myself, followed my heart, now I am a professional in my dream field.

I am the architect and ruler of my reality. I am the master of my fate. I have the power to design my life.

I am the best version of myself. All my pieces are back together. I am limitless.

To Have, To Hold, To Spend

It’s ok to want more from life. It’s ok to want financial stability. Picture yourself as a wealthy person. What would you invest your money in? How would you think and behave? What would you dedicate your time and energy to if you had the right amount in your bank account? Too often we associate the big bucks with snobbery and we are afraid of it. We need to heal our relationship with money. It’s simply the means to a better life – nothing more, nothing less. In your affirmations describe the tiniest details of what you want to own. Say or write:

I am financially free and I can afford a dream holiday in Greece. I will swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

I feel safe and happy in my five - bedroom country house with a huge terrace and flowery garden.

I have the means to help others in need, to travel the world, learn, and feel secure.

I welcome prosperity in my life, this is only the beginning of my wonderful abundant future.

My life is my dream life. I am in awe of the power of visualization. The Universe is always on my side.

I am connected to the spiritual realm that supports all my efforts. Success is inevitable.

Money is flowing into my bank account from several sources all at once. I will use it wisely.

My willpower can create whatever I want. Nothing is off limits. Life is what I make it.

I believe in unmeasurable goodness my money can bring into the world. I can help those less fortunate.

My financial freedom allows me to positively influence the world and add value to other people’s lives.

I have the means to pursue my passions and hobbies and devote my time to fun because I deserve it.

I live in the country of my choosing, with access to stimulating energy and interesting people. Life is bliss.

Ask, And It Shall Be Given To You

Affirmations Ideas

With enough belief and determination you will be able to align your own stars. Abundance is yours for the taking and affirmations serve as tools to design the reality of your dreams. Be open, have faith, and stay consistent to see results. You are the architect of your life, you hold the reins. Practice positive affirmations to put yourself in the future-oriented mindset for success, take action, and one day you’ll wake up asking yourself, “Remember when you wanted what you currently have?”.

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." – William Ernest Henley

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