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Five Minute Journal Reviews

"The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways that I have found to consistently ensure improving my well being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and actual measurable, quantifiable results." 

- Tim Ferriss, Five Minute Journaler & New York Times best-selling author.

Jen"I consider myself a driven person who is always looking for ways to improve and move forward. Even on my worst days, I realize I still have so many things to be thankful for in my life. The 5MJ has provided me new perspective and helped me appreciate all of my experiences (even the unpleasant ones)."  

- Jen, Five Minute Journaler | Read Jen's full story.


alec"I was skeptical of how doing anything for 5 minutes a day could actually have an impact on my happiness...What once started as a ritual of jotting down a few things I'm grateful for on a piece of paper has now become the way in which I see the world. 

- Alec, Five Minute Journaler | Read Alec's full story.


Alec"I friggen’ love this journal as an effective medium to find daily magic through gratitude, manifestation and affirmation practices, and as a daily reflection tool to keep us present, aware and in awe of even the ‘little’ stuff."

- Laura, Five Minute Journaler | Read Laura's full story.


Kevin"In a world where social media shows people’s seemingly perfect, unreal lives, the little extra daily push to focus on appreciation over comparison and focus on what I could control was, and continues to be, a game changer."

- Kevin, Five Minute Journaler | Read Kevin's full story. 


Lulu"At the end of each day, I REALLY love sharing my '3 amazing things that happened', with my boyfriend...The Five Minute Journal has helped me foster a positive and optimistic mindset. I can definitely say that I’m a much happier person now than when I started the Journal 18 months ago."

- Lulu, Five Minute Journaler | Read Lulu's full story. 

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Elena: "The biggest tool I've used to help me build routine has been The Five Minute Journal."

• Natalie: "I always take time in the morning to journal because I feel empowered to set up my day—to choose who I want to be and create the mindset that will carry me through."

 Josh: "This journal has helped me focus and re-focus on what's important in my life and my day...and continually helps me remain in a place of gratitude."

Geri: "I’ve learned to see joy in the littlest things, and actually enjoy looking back at my day and writing about how it went each night."

Dan: "My whole week/day has been revamped as a bi-product of the journal."


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    Productivity Planner Reviews

    "The Productivity Planner changes the way I work because it gives me the opportunity to come in, push everything aside, and focus on what I need to get done that day. That little extra awareness of how I am working throughout the day has been great." 

    - Dan, Productivity Planner user

    Jennifer"I’m someone that is easy to go down a rabbit hole or like to pick tasks based on ‘what I am in the mood for’. However, sticking to this has made me so much more productive and by mid-day I actually feel like I’ve accomplished a lot."

    - Jennifer, Productivity Planner user | Read Jennifer's story.


    Jose"As a photographer and video editor, I often work at home. In fact, I am editing at home more often than outside. But how can you work productively at home? What helped me most in the past half year is the Pomodoro method and the Productivity Planner."

    - José, Productivity Planner user | Read José's story. 



    Natalie"I recommend this planner for everyone. It forces you to prioritize your life in a way that 10xes your productivity and forces you to make choices you might not otherwise make."

    - Natalie, Productivity Planner user | Read Natalie's story. 



    "Paul Meyer said it best - "Productivity is never a mistake. It is always the result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort. The Productivity Planner is a very fast, but effective process, which I enjoy. It allows you to plan out your day for optimal success." 

    - Stefan, Productivity Planner user



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    • Natalie: "Started using this Productivity Planner about a month ago and it’s been helping me with time management and planning out my weeks. I’ve seen a MAJOR improvement! I now single-task instead of multi-task."

    • Andy: "Since using the planner, I have become less wrapped up in the non-essentials and have reworked some of the services I use to limit distracting notifications as I realised this is where I was losing a lot of time, jumping into reactive mode as soon as I was alerted to something."

    • Dana: "I find that my mind is more at ease using the planner because, I feel like I’m accomplishing a lot more."

    • Stefanie: "I am really bad at following through once I write a to-do list and get distracted. The Productivity Planner helps me prioritize what's really, really, really important...and put structure to my to-do list."

    • Phyllis: "Biggest life hack this year: The Productivity Planner. It weighs on me when I feel unproductive & this has been a game changer for me."


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