Five Minute Journal App

Practicing gratitude with the Five Minute Journal app brings you a more positive outlook on life and ability to notice wonderful things and capture the life-changing experiences. With its free (and optional premium) features and a thoughtful structure to help you focus on what’s good, you will find the new and improved Five Minute Journal app to be a great way to start and end your day. Compatible with iOS and Android gadgets.

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There are plenty of benefits to journaling, whether you take time to write out your full thoughts or just spend a few minutes jotting down the things you're most grateful for every day or lessons you've learned. Five Minute Journal for the iPhone makes this process easy enough to do on the go.


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The Five Minute Journal App

Intuitive design. Thoughtful features. Guided journal flow.

five minute journal app

Free and premium features for the ultimate journaling experience.

Five Minute Journal App has one mission: to use proven principles of positive psychology to make you happier in 5 minutes a day. And with one million of Five Minute Journals sold around the world, we bring you a beautiful and intuitive gratitude journal experience in this updated and improved app, now available for free with optional premium features.

You can use the Five Minute Journal app and discover the benefits of daily gratitude journaling with our free basic version. If you enjoy it, then you can subscribe. Once you do, you’ll be able to upload videos and photos, track your mood, create your own custom questions and add extra notes to your journal.

Five Minute Journal App

Beautiful journaling experience.

The Five Minute Journal app has been designed to capture the physical Five Minute Journal experience. Getting around the app is a breeze and adding entries is easy with a new guided flow for your entries and additional features for thoughtful and mindful journaling.

Five Minute Journal App
Five Minute Journal App
Five Minute Journal App

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the price of the Five Minute Journal app?

    The Five Minute Journal application can be downloaded and used for free with optional premium features that can be purchased within the app. Please find the download for the iOS app here and the Android app here. Available to you are three different premium subscriptions: monthly, yearly and lifetime.

  • What features come with the Basic Plan?

    You can use the Five Minute Journal app and discover the benefits of daily gratitude journaling with our free basic version. 

    The following are the features of basic plan: 

    • Beautiful, Intuitive Unlimited Journaling Experience: The Five Minute Journal app has been designed to capture the physical Five Minute Journal experience. Getting around the app is a breeze and adding entries is easy with a guided flow for both your morning and evening entries.
    • Success Tracker: Track your progress of daily gratitude journaling.
    • Reminders: Set daily notifications to keep up with a rewarding journaling habit.
    • Timeline View:  Access previous journal entries and view short daily excerpts. Tapping on an entry leads to a full day review.
    • Daily Quotes & Weekly Challenges: Receive daily inspiring quotes and weekly challenges, and share them across social media (Twitter and Instagram).
    • Passcode Protection: Keep all your journal entries private with secure passcode, Face ID or Touch ID protection.
    • Dark Mode: Switch to dark mode for late night mindful journaling.
  • What are Premium Plan features?

    If you enjoy the basic features and want a more elevated experience, then you can upgrade and subscribe to the premium subscription. We have three different types of subscription: monthly, yearly and lifetime with 14-day free trial.

    Please see a list of the features available to you with the premium plan:

    • Photos and Video: Capture and view your magical moments with a daily photo or video. Attach media to any of your daily prompts.
    • Personalized Practice: Create your own custom questions, tailored to your mood and goals.
    • Space for Notes: Clear your thoughts and write freely in the new notes section.
    • Mood tracker: Check in with yourself, express how you feel, and gain insights into how your emotions influence your days.
    • Look Back Reminders: Get reminded of your memories with the “On this Day” feature.
    • Timeline Photo View: See a photographic timeline view of all your daily photos.
  • Don't see your past journal entries?

    It may be you accidentally created a new account using a different login method than the original account, for example using Apple Sign In. Worry not, these steps should help you get to your original account. The Five Minute Journal app will not allow you back into your old account if you have accidentally created new accounts under a different sign-in method like through Apple ID or Google that are connected with the same email address. You must delete these new accounts first, before being able to access your existing account.

    To do this, we ask that you please tap the Account icon on the top bar, select your Account/Profile and confirm the date that you joined. If it shows you have joined this month at the bottom, you can safely delete this duplicate empty account by selecting "Account Security", then Delete. Keep doing this to any and all new accounts you may have created. This must be done first. 

    Then, you will be able to sign into your old account, likely via Email + Password, or Facebook, especially if you are a long-time user. Once you are back in, this will give you the option to update your account, import your entries and receive the 12 months of premium for free if you are an existing user of the Five Minute Journal app.

    You can also connect all your social accounts once you're logged in.

  • Can't remember your password or email account used?

    We're here to help you! Please kindly email our support (hello@intelligentchange.com) any and all email addresses that your account can be under, and our developer team will send you password reset instructions.

    Again, if you accidentally created new accounts likely with Apple or Google sign-in, they will need to be deleted first.

  • Which iOS products is the app compatible with?

    The iOS Five Minute Journal app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. 

  • How can you export your Journal entries?

    If you wish to backup your entries, please follow the steps outlined here:

    1. Select the profile icon at the top of the screen.

    2. From there, select Export Journal.

    3. In this menu, it will give you the option to export in ascending or descending order, select a date range, and the export format: PDF or ZIP archive.

    PDF will contain text and images only, and the ZIP Archive includes all your entries, photos and videos, a HTML file and a JSON file. Please allow up to 24 hours for your ZIP archive download. A link to your archive will be sent to your email address when complete.

  • How to delete your account?

    If you  wish to delete your Five Minute Journal account, you can do so by logging into the application. From here, select the profile icon on the top, select Account Security and from that menu you will find the option to "Delete Account". Please be advised once you choose to delete your account, all of your entries and account information will be permanently deleted from our server and will not to able to be recovered.

    We greatly appreciate any feedback you'd like to share if you chose to delete your account for whatever reason. Please let us know at hello@intelligentchange.com. We're very open to your feedback and suggestions, and we want to ensure that we provide a seamless and positive experience for our application users.

  • What is Five Minute Journal App privacy policy?

    Please read about Five Minute Journal App privacy policy here.

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