Alone for the Holidays? Here's how to Celebrate

by Kinga Lewandowska — 4 min read

Alone for the Holidays? Here's how to Celebrate

How we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year is largely dictated by the people with whom we spend it. Yet, for one reason or another, some of us might find ourselves alone at the Christmas table. Should we then cancel the festivities and wait for all this fuss to be over?

As always, it’s your choice – if you feel forced into celebrating anything, you will only get frustrated. Nonetheless, we do have an idea or two about how you could boost your mood, feel merry by yourself, and discover a whole new meaning of the festive season.

Home Alone

There are two main kinds of Christmas loneliness: when we’re literally the only ones at the table, or when we’re surrounded by people who make us feel lonely in a crowd. The healthiest way out of the latter situation is to consciously choose the former. We are the sum total of those we spend the most time with. Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions could be leaving a few people behind?

Intentional solitude brings insights, wisdom, and the quietude of reflection. It advances our self-awareness and authenticity, shapes our independence and strength, improves our creativity and productivity, and develops our emotional intelligence and empathy. For these and more reasons, we’d like to show you that Christmas on your own may be fun and eye-opening.

No Pressure

When alone, we have more space for proper rest and all the simple pleasures in life. During the festive season, these might mean Christmas movie marathons in your pajamas, dancing around the Christmas tree with your dog, reading books worthy of the season near the fireplace while sipping good quality hot chocolate.

The Holiday magic lives in your attitude towards that special time and, when you’re by yourself, it can be as awe-inducing and full of wonder as you wish. With nobody around to judge you, there’s no pressure to live up to anyone else’s expectations but your own. Decorate this kind of freedom with holly or balloons – no guests, no rules.

Gratitude Fest

Make a list of everything and everyone you’re grateful for in your life. These are the miracles you know for a fact are possible. Now, make a wish. Make another one. Daydream, then dream some more. Christmas creates the perfect conditions for wonder. What is it that you’d like your future to hold? A whole new chapter is around the corner, now is the perfect time to create and internalize your vision for it. Appreciate yourself for everything you endured and accomplished this year, and thank the Universe for all the goodness in your life. Then, ask for more.


Your journal is a therapist. If you’re alone on Christmas, its pages will listen carefully to analyze all your emotions and feelings inevitably arising from your solitude. There’s more of ourselves to uncover than we realize.

Allow your most genuine, raw revelations to come to the surface. Invite your inner critic, your fears, and self-limiting beliefs to the table, they might have plenty to say about why they are here. Maybe you have something to forgive yourself for? Maybe you need to make amends with your past? Embrace your heart with kindness, compassion, understanding, and love. Make this free therapy session your Christmas gift from you to… you.

And now it’s time to put all you’ve just learned about yourself to good use. The calendar conveniently places the Holiday season right before the start of the New Year, offering a much-needed pause for reflection before our annual planning and goal setting practices. It’s when we can prepare for new beginnings by defining our vision for the year ahead and beyond. A thorough Christmas journaling session will help you design what’s to come. Trust us, your future self will thank you for it.

Bridge the Gap

If you are alone this December, chances are there are more people like you out there. While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, the 21st century is the most technologically advanced era in the history of mankind. Connecting with the entire world in a matter of seconds has never been easier.

Find and reach out to those who would rather connect with fellow lost souls than sing Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You to no one in particular. With so many social media communities, new friendships could be one click away. Join an online group and gather everyone for a Zoom party (you can use our new conversational games to break the ice, wink).

However, if you prefer to stay in the offline dimension of reality, you have options, too. Did you know there are workshops that teach you how to create beautiful wreaths? Or, maybe a last minute enrollment into a choir sounds appealing to you? Caroling is a very social tradition. Christmas bonds us all together.

The Art of Giving and Joy-spreading

We only have so much time on Earth to make a difference. And is there a better opportunity than Christmas to warm the heart of somebody in need? Find volunteer openings. Invest your energy in simple acts of kindness. Write a gratitude letter to a long-lost friend. Donate your time and energy to a good cause and you can shine light in somebody’s darkness. We could not think of a more beautiful way to celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again. That time when we slow down without being reminded to do so, when we naturally look back on the year nearing its end and evaluate our losses and gains, when we pause to gather our strength before we plan our next steps for the year ahead. Take a breath. Lean towards joy. If you can create a cheerful atmosphere for yourself on your own, imagine what you could do both for others around you and yourself in the future. Making your own Christmas merry this December means that whatever happens, you’ll be just fine in another twelve months.


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