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If you are lacking your fun and festive mood or wanting to share it with others, here are some ideas how you can spread joy and gift a meaningful gift of heart-warming and life-changing experience.

Send joy by mail

Catch recipients by surprise by sending them postcards or small treats that express how much you miss them and appreciate having them in your life.

Start a new tradition

It’s time to start a new holiday tradition:

  • Make your own Christmas wreath.
  • Knit a sweater for yourself or for someone special.
  • Have a gratitude walk.
  • Analyze your year, reflect on the key lessons, and create a clear vision for the upcoming year in your Best Year Journal.
  • Plant seeds and create your own home garden
  • Bake healthy sweets for people you care about as a token of your appreciation.

Connect with old friends and family members

Restore lost connections, deepen your existing relationships, and get the chance to listen more mindfully and talk about what truly matters. Looking for a more meaningful and authentic way to connect with loved ones? Try the Let's Get Closer game that cultivates relationships by engaging friends, family, couples, and even strangers in deep conversations.

Share a memory moment

Share your favourite festive memories of you and the other person. Set up a virtual call with them or plan an in-person visit and share photos, music, and other meaningful stories with a friend or relative.

Explore mindful and sustainable gifting

It’s time to redefine the value of gifting and come up with new, sustainable ideas of how you can express your love and appreciation.

  • Give your time and share your talents. Maybe you can spend some time by teaching your family and friends how to bake a perfect sourdough bread or contribute some recipes for a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe you know how to make a snow globe or a sustainable Christmas tree, and you can create one with your nieces and nephews, or your friends’ children. Think of how you can be of value for your loved ones and spend some quality time together.
  • Do gifts with your own hands, give things you no longer need a second life and enjoy the process of artistic creation. Make your own Christmas card, a candle, a soap, or festive decorations.
  • Create your exclusive wellness box, an emotional first-aid kit, and fill it with things that have helped you stay grounded and resilient this year, and give it to someone special.
  • Plant a tree for someone else or propagate your own plants and gift them to friends and family (it’s also a great gift for indoor air purification).
  • Regift and gift re-usable products. Sustainability is more than a trend, it's a lifestyle.

The options are infinite.

Give away, donate and help others

  • Donate old books, toys, clothes, furniture you no longer need and make someone else happier.
  • If you are doing a lot of online shopping, reward your delivery person with a small treat.
  • Order or deliver yourself a holiday meal to someone who is living alone and can’t make it to see their family.
  • You can even become a secret Santa to a family in need that you know can’t afford Christmas gifting.

Sometimes there is more joy and happiness in giving than receiving.

Be thankful and share your gratitude

Send a card, write a heartfelt letter, text, call, say it out loud, or journal about the things you are grateful for.

As we open our minds, prioritize well-being, and embark on a journey of intelligent living, we look deep into ourselves and find other––more mindful and genuine––ways to express our love and appreciation. Make this holiday season even more memorable, meaningful, and mindful.

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