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I Am Grateful

  • How young children may benefit from practicing gratitude?

    Children who regularly engage in gratitude practice are more likely to be resilient, report higher levels of happiness, and enjoy better mental health than their peers. These are wonderful gifts that will help to prepare young children for whatever challenges may come their way.

    I Am Grateful book, together with the Five Minute Journal for Kids encourage children to pay attention to what they have–rather than what they don't–and will stand them in good stead for the future.


  • What age is I am Grateful – The Life Changing Magic of Gratitude book recommended for?

    We recommend the I am Grateful illustrated book to children aged 0-8 years old, because we believe that we can start instilling the concept of gratitude into a child's mind and heart at the very early stage of their life.

    You may like to read the book straight through, or pause and talk about the gratitude prompts as you go. However you choose to use this book, may it remind you of how abundant and magical this world is.

  • What is I am Grateful – The Life Changing Magic of Gratitude made of?

    I am Grateful book was designed with the environment in mind. It is printed on Shiro Echo carbon neutral, FSC™ certified, biodegradable, and 100% recycled paper from Favini Italy. The hardback cover also features recyclable matte lamination. The CO2 emissions generated are fully offset.

    We have removed the polyester stitching commonly used in book production to reduce the plastic used in this illustration book. It is unsewn and features the perfect bound spine. 

    Packaging of  I am Grateful – The Life Changing Magic of Gratitude is also plastic free. 

    The fabric parts of this product come from all natural sources, which means they will break down in nature over time.

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