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Five Minute Journal

  • What is new in Bold Black, Sunshine Yellow, and Earth Green Five Minute Journals?

    New Five Minute Journal colors–Bold Black, Sunshine Yellow, and Earth Green–come with new quotes, fresh weekly challenges, and updated Night Routine layout.

    Now, before laying your head to rest, you will reflect on that day’s highlights and positive experiences, and dive into lessons learned and knowledge gained from every day. Letting go of what holds you back and turning it into valuable lesson sets you on the path for a more fulfilling tomorrow.

    In addition, new Five Minute Journals come with perfect bind and 100% cotton ribbon, becoming 100% plastic free journals.


  • Are you coming out with newer editions of the Five Minute Journal? What about other languages?


    We release an updated version of the Five Minute Journal typically once a year with new quotes, challenges, and fixed errors. 


    Currently, the Five Minute Journal is available only in English on our website. In Europe, the Five Minute Journal is also available in German, on Amazon.de and Amazon.uk. Additionally, we have recently completed translations into French and Spanish, and are in the midst of making those translations available for purchase.

    Lastly, the Five Minute Journal is available in Korean via www.kyobobook.co.kr, www.yes24.com, www.aladin.co.kr, book.interpark.com. For questions regarding the Korean Five Minute Journal, please contact midnightbookstore@naver.com.

    We plan to release various translations in the future. You can sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with all Five Minute Journal news.

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