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In today's digital age, where keyboards and touchscreens dominate our daily lives, the simple act of putting pen to paper might seem like a nostalgic relic of the past. However, the art of handwriting remains a powerful tool for enhancing creativity and productivity.

The Intelligent Change Create Pen, crafted from 24k gold-plated brass, not only embodies elegance but also serves as a medium for unlocking your creative potential. Today we explore the profound connection between handwriting and cognitive functions and share different techniques for using handwriting to tap into your inner source of inspiration.

The science behind handwriting and creativity

Handwriting is more than just a means of communication; it's a complex cognitive process that engages various regions of your brain. Research has shown that the act of physically writing stimulates different brain areas compared to typing. Here's how it works:

1. Enhanced Memory: Writing information by hand helps to encode it more effectively in our memory. It also helps to build a habit. This is because the physical act of forming letters and words engages multiple senses and neural pathways.

2. Creative Expression: The slower pace of handwriting allows for more deliberate thought and creativity. When you write by hand, you have the time to contemplate your ideas and experiment with different phrasings or styles.

3. Emotional Connection: Handwriting (journaling) can evoke emotions and memories, making it a powerful tool for personal reflection and creative writing. The tactile experience of holding a pen and feeling the ink flow connects you to your thoughts and emotions.

Techniques for harnessing creativity with the Create Pen

Now that we understand the cognitive benefits of handwriting, let's explore how you can boost your creativity and productivity:

Morning Pages

Start your day by writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts in a notebook with your Create Pen. This technique, popularized by Julia Cameron, helps clear your mind and taps into your subconscious creativity.

Mind Mapping

Use the Create Pen to create visual mind maps or diagrams for brainstorming ideas and problem-solving. The physicality of drawing connections between concepts can foster innovative thinking.

Creative Journaling

Dedicate a journal specifically to your creative pursuits. Whether it's writing poetry, sketching, or jotting down story ideas, your pen and a notebook can make your creative process feel more special and intentional.

Goal Setting and Planning

The Create Pen can also be your companion for setting goals and planning projects. Handwriting your objectives and action steps can make them feel more real and achievable.


Keep a gratitude journal with the Create Pen. Expressing gratitude in your own handwriting can shift your mindset and inspire a positive outlook, fueling your creativity.

The Create Pen by Intelligent Change is not just a writing instrument; it's a key to unlocking your creative potential. Embrace the power of handwriting to boost your memory, engage your creative faculties, and enhance your overall productivity. As you put pen to paper, you'll discover that the path to inspiration and innovation lies in the simple act of writing. After all, every blank page is full of potential. Fill it with yours.

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