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As the calendar turns to its final pages, December invites us to enjoy every last moment of this year to the fullest, to check all those boxes left on our bucket lists, and to embrace rituals that go beyond the ordinary in helping us create our dream lives. It is a time of the year when we are full of optimism and look towards ambitious goals with confidence. This month becomes an opportunity to care for our most essential elements—mind, body, and soul, so we can create an internal environment that supports our flourishing in the external world.

Mindful Planning: A Ritual of Intention

Start December by being intentional about all your actions, plans, and habits. Being intentional leads to an enhanced sense of self, clarity about your values and purpose, and nourishes your relationships. Mindful planning habits can help you realize what truly matters, to structure your day in a way that sets you up for success, and promotes clarity in your decision making.

Here are some ideas to inspire your mindful December planning:

  1. Create a December master plan: develop a comprehensive plan for completing your projects and goals by the end of the month, ensuring a strong finish to the year.
  2. Craft a New Year vision board: Get creative and put together a vision board for the upcoming year to visually manifest your ideas, dreams, and aspirations.
  3. Create a holiday bucket list: Make a list of festive activities and traditions you want to enjoy with your loved ones this December, like baking, decorating, or watching holiday movies.
  4. Organize a year-end gratitude dinner:
  5. Host a special dinner with close family or friends where everyone shares what they are grateful for from the past year.

    As the year draws to a close, set intentions for the next. Step into the new year with purpose, guided by your core values. The structure of the Best Year Journal will help you set authentic goals, create a clear action plan you will stick to, keep track of your progress, and balance your personal and professional commitments in the new year.

    Moments of Stillness: A Ritual of Reflection

    Amidst the hustle of the festive season, create quiet moments for reflection. Journaling is an opportunity to introspect and understand yourself, your experiences, and make sense of the world around you. A space where thoughts transcend tasks, enabling you to navigate December with clarity and to truly understand what you want to achieve in the following year.

    Embrace the quiet serenity of December to reflect on your year's journey. Look back at the lessons learned and moments cherished. As the year concludes, take a moment to pause, take time to celebrate your growth, and prepare for a bright new beginning.

    Here are some thought starters for you:

    • Year in Review: Reflect on the most significant moments of the past year. What were the key events, challenges, and successes you experienced? How have these moments shaped you?
    • Gratitude: List the things you are most grateful for this year.
    • Lessons Learned: What are the most important lessons you've learned this year? Consider both personal and professional spheres. How will these lessons influence your decisions and actions in the upcoming year?
    • Unfulfilled Goals: Identify any goals or aspirations you had at the beginning of the year that remain unfulfilled. Reflect on why they were not achieved and what you can do to fulfill them.
    • Vision for the New Year: As you look forward to the new year, what are your aspirations, goals, and dreams? How do you envision your life evolving and what steps can you take to move closer to that vision?

    Expressing Gratitude: A Ritual of Celebrating Life

    At the end of the year, having mixed emotions is almost a universal experience. We feel joy for all that has been accomplished, yet sometimes our minds drift into thoughts about what wasn’t, what may not have happened yet, and small moments where we wish we did something differently.

    In these moments, it is important to speak to yourself kindly and compassionatelythe way your best friend would, and to practice gratitude for all that you did achieve, experience, and the joy you brought to others.

    Research shows that ending the year with a heart full of gratitude not only enhances our current well-being but also paves the way for a more fulfilling future. This act of thankfulness allows us to view our experiences through a lens of appreciation, transforming ordinary moments into valuable lessons and cherished memories. By choosing gratitude and making it your lifestyle, we set a foundation of positivity and resilience for the year ahead.

    Our Gratitude Ritual Bundle and Self Love Ritual Bundle are thoughtfully designed to guide you in this journey, fostering a deeper sense of gratitude and personal growth as you step into the new year.

    Mindful Gift-Giving: A Ritual of Connection

    Mindful gifting is a practice of giving that's deeply rooted in awareness, intention, and compassion, both for the receiver and for the broader world. Instead of just giving a material gift, it's about sharing love, understanding, and genuine thought for the well-being of the recipient. In other words, gift-giving is an opportunity to celebrate your relationships.

    We put together this list of gifts that go the extra mile that are based on the five pillars of well-being:

    Nourishing Your Body: A Ritual of Mindful Eating

    Indulge in December's delights with mindfulness and intention. While planning plays a crucial role in cultivating mindfulness towards your meals, it's equally about choices that honor your well-being amidst festive celebrations. Savor every bite, appreciate the flavors, and contemplate the source of your food. These practices of mindful eating align perfectly with the Well-Being Bundle, designed to enhance your overall wellness and mindfulness journey.

    Mindful eating rituals are also about creating enriching experiences around the holiday table. It encourages sharing memories and moments of joy with those you care about, turning each meal into an opportunity for connection and gratitude. This holiday season, let the Get Closer games nurture your relationships, as you gather to celebrate and create lasting memories.

    December unfolds as more than a calendar month. Iit invites you to experience moments with purposeful celebrations and introspective reflections. Practicing daily mindfulness and gratitude are simple tools that can help you spend this month with intention. May this December be full of nurturing rituals, with gratitude and presence in each passing day. Here is to a month where mindful living becomes a cherished practice.

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